Does anyone know well ISISPOS ?

Junior Burger
2012/09/23 16:45:10
Hi ! I'm Sebastian and i have an argentinian restaurant. I'd like to know if someone here is familiar with this POS wich i've been looking for a while now, without finding any useful reviews. While looking excellent it still has bad rating (on itunes)... i searched for any other POS without finding anything better (apparently) than ISISPOS
Is this software any reliable ? Or should i take something else for the task ?
Thank you !
Curb Hopper
Re:Does anyone know well ISISPOS ? 2012/09/23 18:15:20
Internet based system is the way to go these days. (IMO). Use your head when making such an important decision. Can't find any useful info on something you are considering means you probably should not consider it for very long. Be frugal, not cheap when it comes to your business!