Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients

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2012/09/23 22:58:42
I  have no knowledge of what the original sandwich was like. We didn't have Bob's, Shoney's, or any other Ellias Bro's franchise down here featuring their sandwiches and burgers. My mate's been jonesing for one like Shoney's made them when they were a franchisee. There's many conflicting recipes and reminisces of what the sandwich was on the web. The only thing for certain was ham, Swiss cheese, thin sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce on what appears to be a sesame seeded bun. While it seems pretty generic, everything diverges from there.
The sauce I've read varies from a Thousand Island to a simple sweet mayo/relish tartar sauce, to a complex Dijon/tartar-like sauce with Tabasco.
Some versions have a sweet ham product, others a bolo ham. Was the ham pre-grilled or not?
Was the roll a baked sesame seeded Greek roll, soft roll like a packaged Pepperidge Farm or Cobblestone mill type, or something else?
Some versions claim the sandwich was pressed, others baked until the cheese melted.
Maybe there was variation between the franchises. I'd like to find someone's recollection of what the Shoney's version served was like in the early 70's.
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/09/23 23:27:56
Alas, Dawn.....my brain is well too addled and vodka-fried to remember what is was; but it was good.  And from all the things you listed, it looks like a good 1-2 month "taste-test" process to find "the original".but in the meantime, you'll have some fun and some great stuff
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/09/30 17:20:58
Dawn  - what I remember was similar to a grilled ham and Swiss (melted completely), Thousand Island dressing, maybe dressed with tomato slices and shredded lettuce.  The bread was seeded, but not on a round bun, but cut at an angle that had "points," and crispy, if that makes any sense.  You've seen Italian loaves in rectangular shapes, not braided?  I'm thinking that was the kind of bread used, possibly cut on the diagonal. 
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/09/30 20:27:58
Shoney's Slim Jim contained a Thousand Island type sauce.  Frisch's/Bob's Buddie Boy contained tartar sauce.  Both were served on a six-inch hoagie roll.  At our Shoney's the Slim Jim roll had sesame seeds.  At our Frisch's the Buddie Boy  roll was plain.  Otherwise, they were the same. 
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/10/01 16:07:22
Thank you all for pointing me in hopefully the right direction. With anything new, I generally have one shot at it to get it right. Could anyone confirm if the Shoney's version ham was pre-grilled and if the sandwich was pressed or baked until the cheese melted? Again, thanks so very much for the responses.
Michael Hoffman
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/10/01 16:34:57
The ham was smoked, as I recall from the mid '60s at the Charleston (Shoney's HQ) area stores and the bread was a thin sub-type with sesame seeds. I believe the whole thing -- with Thousand Island dressing and lettuce (I can't remember whether there was tomato) -- was toasted on a press and sometimes the Swiss would be melted and other times it would not be. I guess it depended on whoever was making the thing. It was always cut at an angle. The Slim Jim was not at the top of my favorites list. I preferred the Shoneyburger, which also had the Thousand Island dressing.
Russ Jackson
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/10/01 18:38:35
My first job was at Big Boy in Michigan 1975 and it had no tomato at the one I was at. Oval sesame bun about 7 inches, thousand island, thin long cut pickles, Swiss cheese, ham that was pre-measured, pressed and grilled, cut diagonal about 1 1/2 inch from each end.  I got them with mustard instead of the sauce. We called them Mij Mils and we drank Aloc a Ekoc. Which was Slim Jim and Coke A Cola. We memorized the entire Yob Gib menu backwards. What else did we have to do at 2 am mopping the floor and busing tables.  Off topic: Big Boys used to have great fried chicken. We would actually dove hunt at the farm across the street and fry up the birds in the pressure fryer after we breaded them. We would also leave our 22 rifles in the office while we worked. That would never happen today. 
My personal favorite item was the Brawny Lad!
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2012/10/01 20:28:34
I loved the Shoney's Slim Jim, though I can't remember specific sandwich construction.  I ordered either that or the half pound of ground round with a cherry Coke and then chased it all with hot fudge cake or strawberry pie.  Those were the days.
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2013/03/11 16:09:19
I worked at Shoneys when I was in high school and probably made thousands of Slim Jim sandwiches.  Start with greek bread sliced on an angle and through the center (if you can't find greek bread, use italian bread with sesame seeds).  Take a slice of Swiss Cheese, fold it in half and put it on the bottom piece of bread.  Take two slices of sweet ham, fold them in half and place on top of the cheese.  Coat the inside of the top slice of the bread with prep or margarine and place oiled side down on a griddle.  The griddle should be between 375 and 400 degrees.  Place the bottom combination also on the griddle, ham side down.  Grill until the top inside starts to brown and the cheese is melted.  Dress the top with thousand island dressing (that's what it was, nothing fancy) tomatos and shreaded lettuce, assemble, and enjoy!
Sonny Funzio
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2013/04/29 11:03:21
When I briefly worked at Elias Brothers back in the 70's it was grilled in a sandwich press.
Root-Beer Man
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2013/04/29 20:47:42
Watched my uncle eat one of these at the Shoney's in Grayson, KY back in October. Apparently they still make them and their fans are willing to travel for them.
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Re:Original 70's "Slim Jim" Sandwich Ingredients 2013/04/29 22:00:18
Grilled, smokehouse ham served on a
toasted hoagie with melted Swiss cheese,
tomatoes, lettuce, pickles and our signature
Shoney’s® sauce