road trip to utica Michigan

Junior Burger
2012/09/24 05:57:39
OK I know my RF crew will not let me down,you guys/gals have never let me down in the past in a few weeks I'll be going out to michigan for another wedding I will be going  from Monroe NY and will take 84-80 for most of the trip, the last time I went that way I stopped off in Toledo for some Packo's  and also at Hot Sauce Willams in Cleveland .
I'm will try just about anyplace so where are some sujjested   place for a quick lunch ???
Thank In Advance 
Re:road trip to utica Michigan 2012/09/24 09:10:08
Lafayette Coney Island in DEE-troit.
For desert: Sanders Creme Puff Hot Fudge Sundae (made with bittersweet hot fudge). 
And of course, have a Vernors.  Also a Vernors Boston Cooler.
In Northern Ohio - Handels Ice Cream.