Best in Minnesota

Junior Burger
2004/03/03 13:15:39
What are your favorites?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Best in Minnesota 2004/03/03 13:34:47
In the St. Paul area, I remember a place called Grandpa Tony's off of Snelling that had excellent pizza. However, I don't know if it still exists, since the last time I was there was 14 years ago when I was in college.

Over by the U of M in Dinkytown, there is Vescio's, which makes a good square pie (also a good braciole sandwich), and off of 494 in Richfield on Lyndale is Broadway Pizza, which makes a good thin crust pizza.

Way north in International Falls, just two blocks before you cross into Canada, there is a place called the Border Bar that makes great burgers and excellent thin crust pizza.

There seem to be a fair amount of decent pizza joints in MN. I'm not sure why. Being from and living in the Chicago area, it still freaks me out when I tell someone that some of the better pizza that I've had is that little place in International Falls.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Best in Minnesota 2004/03/03 17:04:40
I'm down here in Austin (SPAM TOWN) and we actually have two great mom and pop pizza joints. Both serve thin square cut pizza. At Steves they offer a great greek chicken pizza. At Georges they have one called the Beckel Special (not on the menu) that has a sweet/hot sauce along with the pizza sauce plus hamburger, bacon and ham.

If your ever in Austin give them a try. Both are down town a few blocks east of main's a small town.
Junior Burger
RE: Best in Minnesota 2004/06/25 10:50:02
MInnesota does have some great pizza places....Sammys Pizza all around the midwest...Carbone's, Broadway Pizza all around the twin cities....Poor Garys pizza in Eveleth....Seems like most towns have at least one great pizza place! too many to list here for sure
RE: Best in Minnesota 2004/06/26 11:23:06
When I lived there, I liked Mansetti's in Little Canada and Pagliai's in Mankato.
Filet Mignon
RE: Best in Minnesota 2004/06/29 12:31:59
I can second Pagliai's in Mankato. The Mrs. measures every thin-crust, square-cut place against it. Plus they're really cheap.

I'm already on the record about Cossetta's in St. Paul, but how about Sven & Olie's in Grand Marais? The pizza itself isn't unforgettable, but how many places in the country can you get pizza and lutefisk in the same place?