JL's Barbeque--Macon, GA--Still servving sliced beef eye of round--NOT Beef Bristet???

2012/10/01 11:53:40
Does anyone know if JL's Barbeque in Macon (off I-475) is still serving its traditional sliced barbeque beef?
I ask because this is the beef (sliced eye of round) that Sonny's recently abandoned in favor of their current (inferior) sliced beef brisket but I'm hoping JL's has continued with the eye of round sliced beef.
Can anyone confirm that?
Background:  JL's location here used to be a Sonny's years ago and it was like when Sonny's left, JL's duplicated Sonny's menu--a good thing to me. So, I'm hoping JL's still offers the sliced beef that Sonny's has abandoned.
Thanks for any info.