Lincoln, Nebraska eats

Double Cheeseburger
2012/10/07 23:24:48
Hi All,
I've been searching around for interesting places to eat in Lincoln, Nebraska (starting this Thursday and through the weekend), but aside from Runza and a couple of Indian restaurants, I haven't seen much info here. I'll be downtown (close to the university) without a car (for most of the time, at least), so any recs for places in that area are most appreciated. However, if a place in another neighborhood truly stands out (an old burger stand or soda fountain, for example), I'd like to know about it.
Also, are there any good markets (specialty meats, cheese, etc.) to visit?
On Saturday or Sunday I'm hoping to rent a car and drive up to Omaha, but there seem to be more than enough recs here on RF to set up a few good places to visit.