~ An Excruciating Florida Trip ... (Wednesday/Thursday)

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2012/10/08 11:29:14
Duty calls and I'm helping a friend traverse from Sebring, FL up along boring Interstate highways to Tallahassee ... AND THE IMMEDIATELY turning around to go back again ... (maybe a few hours a roadside motel).
SO.  ANYTHING.  Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/3AM anywhere along the route is appreciated.  (As you can guess, this is a case where I am not thinking about exploring much off the highway.

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Re:~ An Excruciating Florida Trip ... (tomorrow) 2012/10/08 12:31:26
Crazy Fish Bar and Grill, Lake Wales.   www.crazyfishlakewales.com
Harry's Seafood Bar and Grill, Ocala and Tallahassee.  www.hookedonharrys.com
Re:~ An Excruciating Florida Trip ... (tomorrow) 2012/10/08 13:38:54
Mike's Cafe & Grille, Lake City, I-75 exit 427, east side on access road.
Indian restaurant next too India Bazaar, W34th, Gainesville.  Exit 382 east side 1/2 mile down on the right.
Forget Harry's in tallahassee as it's way down town from I-10.  Take exit 203 and turn left at the ramp light and go 1/2 mile to Ted's Montana for a good burger, or past the Citgo station to Ricardos in the strip mall for Italian.  If you turn right at the ramp light then left at the next light, then cross Thomasville Road, you see  Old Town Cafe, typical diner food (but great icecream next door) or go behind Old Town int he shopping center for Tally's burgers and sandwiches and good breakfasts if you're there early.  All these are relatively easy off easy on to I-10.
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Re:~ An Excruciating Florida Trip ... (tomorrow) 2012/10/08 16:23:09
Conestogas in downtown beautiful Alachua, GREAT steaks and burgers, gator choker baked potatoes.  You can request your steak either marinated or not, I choose not. You pay inside a little ice cream candy shoppe that's attached on your way out.
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Re:~ An Excruciating Florida Trip ... (tomorrow) 2012/10/09 07:40:01
30 minutes west of Lake Wales on RT 60 is a wonderful little place right in the heart of Mulberry called The Fish Place.  Excellent fish but because of the name many people forget to try the hamburgers which are outstanding.
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Re:~ An Excruciating Florida Trip ... (tomorrow) 2012/10/13 12:00:50
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