Hamburger Grilling

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2012/10/12 03:53:18
Over the years, I've seen many different methods of flat grilling burgers from frozen patties to fresh even covering the burgers and punctured hole steaming. The one that's intigued me is the ball method either defrosted or fresh. Timings seem to be a ball squished slightly for a minute and then flopped for about the same. A trowel then flattens out the burger to serving size and flopped again. Can anyone expound on this method and give temps and times? I've never seen this done without some time of sauce/oil mixture being added when done. Is there a standard method applied to this that I've missed?
Dr of BBQ
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Re:Hamburger Grilling 2012/10/12 07:54:02
Do you have a Steak & Shake in your area or a White Manna?
Here are some videos I have collected while researching this topic.

The Smash Technique and Skinny Burger Perfection

Russ Jackson
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Re:Hamburger Grilling 2012/10/12 08:08:51
I consider myself pretty good at hamburgers. The key is medium high heat and dry no oil on cast iron skillet or flat top. Watch the edge of the burger and when it releases from surface you can flip it. It should have a pretty dark crust. Repeat on second side. Last 30 seconds or so place cheese on top and cover until melted. Anytime you press or work the meat too much it gets dry and hard. I like my burgers medium rare to rare so under cooked is  I also never salt meat prior too cooking.  
Re:Hamburger Grilling 2012/10/12 08:50:43
The Paupered Chef method is the way to do it.

Starting with FRESH ground beef is a critical step (as far as how it's done in NJ).

That's how they do it...and it makes a big difference. A big difference. A huge difference.

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This is also a good Burger Lab guide...with Kenji...
Re:Hamburger Grilling 2012/10/13 00:14:57
Ever been to Smashburger? That's how they do it.