Michael Vick -- Dog Owner

Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
2012/10/12 11:31:33
Yep, it's true. Michael Vick, currently the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, says he is once again a dog owner, but this time, he says, the dog is being given love.
Now, let's see, the guy fought dogs, killed dogs, went to prison and was barred from owning a dog until his sentence was completed -- including probation. He's still shilling for the Humane Society of the United States, the animal rights organization that has nothing to do with animal shelters and everything to do with raising millions of dollars and trying to ban hunting. But even former People for Eating Tasty Animals official Wayne Pacelle, now head of  the HSUS, has so far refused to comment on Vick's dog ownership.
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Re:Michael Vick -- Dog Owner 2012/10/12 12:28:17
I hope it violates his parole, he should never have been allowed to own one. The guy is a thug!
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Michael Vick -- Dog Owner 2012/10/12 12:57:48
I think he recently posted a photo of himself on twitter studying the Eagles playbook and there was a box of doggie treats in the background.  As you can imagine, this raised some questions.  He isn't the smartest guy in the world is he?        
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Michael Vick -- Dog Owner 2012/10/12 13:40:16
I hadn't herd of such a photo. But, to answer your question -- Nope. He's not exactly a Merit Scholar.
carolina bob
Filet Mignon
Re:Michael Vick -- Dog Owner 2012/10/12 14:50:22
I'll never understand people who can do the kind of things Vick did. I'm a passionate dog lover and whenever I hear about someone abusing one, it makes my blood boil. Frankly, I'm still amazed that any NFL team was willing to have anything to do with him when his sentence was up ( yes, I know everyone's entitled to a second chance, but, if I were a team owner, I wouldn't want him associated with my organization. )
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Michael Vick -- Dog Owner 2012/10/12 15:14:02
My Scotties leave the room if I happen to leave an Eagles game on the TV. I won't watch the guy intentionally. I despise his actions and that of his family... A brother stomped an already downed U of Louisville's player in a Bowl game a few years ago. Injured the player, and refused to apologize for his actions...the violence apparently runs in the family.
I do a personal Boycott of the Eagles to show my feelings about  Vick.