Lamb burgers

2012/10/15 21:06:48
   These are an incredible off the radar epicurian delight. Typically found and sold, I believe, at local butcher shops. They are simply ground lamb....dense, flavorful and delicious. We grill them and simply adorn with swiss cheese. Condiments are optional but we are aggressive with, at times, Creole Mustard or Grey Poupon. Encase them with grilled and buttered buns. Stunning!
   Your thoughts please.
pac man
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Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/16 00:19:34
If I'm grilling I'd rather have lamb chops rubbed with a garlic clove,salt,fresh ground pepper,and oregano.mmm mmmm
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ann peeples
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/16 10:31:20
Been eating lamb patties since the 1960's. Good ones are hard to find. I love them!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/16 12:15:21
We make lamb burgers frequently. I have no trouble finding ground lamb in supermarkets. They're a nice change from beef.
Root-Beer Man
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Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/16 15:52:06
I like lamb in a variety of ways. Lamb burgers are pretty good and are a staple at the Indiana State Fair. They do a great job at our local 4H fair, too. Can't say I eat then often, but I can't remember ever turning down the chance to have one.
3 Olives
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/16 17:33:01
I love lamb and I love burgers, but I don't equate ground lamb as ground beef.
Ed Face
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/16 18:09:36
I love lamburgers. Make burgers good size (3/4 lb. or so) season them with salt and coarse black pepper, wrap a slice of bacon around them, secure with toothpicks and grill. After turning, top liberally with a sauce made with hot & spicy mustard (here in Rochester, N.Y. I use Nance's mustard), a little beer to thin & plenty of rosemary. Serve as is, I think a roll detracts from the flavor. Yummy.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 12:01:28
Here's the trick, at least in my area. When there is a sale on leg of lamb, there will generally be ground lamb available the next week (for the obvious reason).
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 15:56:42
We used to make these often, but the price of ground lamb keeps going up, up, up (what hasn't?). Cooked in the toaster oven, I like to finish them off with a smear of curried butter and serve them on a good roll. Good stuff!
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 17:55:13
I have them all the time, salt pepper, chopped fresh garlic on top, with feta cheese also on top, but under melted provalone!
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 18:37:02
I used to get a Jucy Lucy (stuffed cheese) lamburger with goat cheese at McGarry's Irish Pub in Maple Plain, MN. I think they took it off the menu.
ann peeples
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 19:27:07
I may have posted this Mom, in the 60's made stuffed burgers way before it was popular. She made one thin patty bigger than the other, added thin slices of onion, and then American cheese to fit. Put the two patties together, sealed them, than fried in a pan. Fantastic....
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 20:21:15
Ann that sounds so good! I buy ground lamb all the time. sometimes I make lamb burgers but I always add some ground lamb in my meat loaf & meatballs. I love the taste it adds and most people don't know what hat additional flavor is.
Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 20:24:49
   I have not found lamb burger to be commonly available at most grocery stores and when offered, the cost can and may raise an eye brow. The additional challenge is creating and cooking a lamb burger that knocks the socks off your guests. When they respond to their first bite/taste and say, "Oh, my goodness!".
   I certainly do not claim to have done this without some professional help and please let me explain.
   Hapanowicz Brothers in Utica, New York is a 95 year old butcher shop that offers six large lamb burgers for less than $10 dollars. Really twelve burgers because they are so large. We split them in half and reform the patties. The cost per pound is less than four dollars. Ground fresh. So, we have the supplier of affordable ground lamb.
   Not too far away from Hapanowicz Brothers is Symeon's restaurant, a Greek restaurant that has been in business since 1973. Their food is truely amazing. Here is where the magic comes into play.
   I buy their dry seasonings, a large jar for less than $6.00. I also buy their yogurt dressing they serve with their lamb skewers. I take them up the mountain, grill them and we devour the finished product. Cooked rare of course. Pick your own cheese of course. We prefer Swiss. Yogurt condiment or mustard or even the blend of both condiments is wonderful. Of course a sprinkling of their dry seasoning. As an aside, with their dry seasonings, think rub, they provide recipes for their salad dressing and marinades. These are dynamite.
Hapanowicz Brothers
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Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/17 23:49:33
I like feta with mine
Russ Jackson
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Re:Lamb burgers 2012/10/18 09:20:22
I like a Lamb, Beef mixture.