Boston Area/Massachusetts Roast Beef & Seafood Joints.

2012/10/16 00:20:38
I was up in Massachusetts recently outside of Boston and I noticed a bunch of roast beef and seafood restaurants. Is there a particular reason that reasaurants feature both of these items together? They don't seem to be complementary. To make a long story short, I drove around the Lowell area for over an hour after 9pm looking for a place to eat dinner and I couldn't find anything open. It figures that there was a roast beef and seafood place less than 5 minutes from my hotel the other direction that was open until 3am.
Re:Boston Area/Massachusetts Roast Beef & Seafood Joints. 2012/10/26 19:47:31
NYC did get a snapshot of the roast beef part of the pair. It's supposed to be a very recent invention (adaptation) attributed to Boston. It was Bowery Beef...within The Bowery Poetry the East Village. It didn't last a long time. It seemed to have a wild ride. I don't know how much of it was due to the beef (one item was named dogsh*t on the menu) and the obstacles of operating a business in and around a place that operated as a live poetry performance (shhhhh) poetry slam location.

It was robbed several times...and I don't even know a PG way to say anything else about it.. was something. It may come back. I don't know how much of the atmosphere mirrors the Boston roast beef experience.
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Re:Boston Area/Massachusetts Roast Beef & Seafood Joints. 2012/10/26 21:33:55
The seafood joints have been there forever. Legend has it that Kelly's invented the modern roast beef sandwich in 1951, amd did so well that others copied it.

(This is, of course, the story as Kelly's tells it)
Re:Boston Area/Massachusetts Roast Beef & Seafood Joints. 2012/10/27 10:21:29
I used to live a few blocks from Kelly's on Revere Beach.  The big dilemma:  roast beef sandwich or seafood?  Both were great, especially sitting on the wall overlooking the ocean.