Social Networking, Privacy, Past and Future

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2012/10/19 18:08:14
I guess that like most of you that are similar in age, the world of youthful social networking is starting to look like a future train wreck. Many of the younger generation are already coming of age and their carefree past and indiscretions that are now archived on the web are impacting them socially, career wise, and in some cases legally. Those photos and videos meant for private or limited exposure are now viral. Embarrassing profiles and postings gleaned from private information brokers that at one time only dealt with credit histories are now part of background checks for employment to prosecutors and litigators due diligence.
Looking forward into the future is difficult. Very little has turned out the way I expected from my teen years now heading into my 60's. While the current state seems like a disaster looming ahead, I wonder if we may be seeing a paradigm shift as the veil is lifted on the following generations personal lives. We may be seeing the effects already. When embarassing photos or videos surface now on the web, the celebrities not only own up to them, they even attempt to profit off of them. Millenials appear to have an attitude of no expectations of privacy, so they seem to have a cavalier attitude about exposing their lives for all to see. To believe what some futurist say, it's going to become irrelevant in short order. With such an upcoming onslaught of past history and things such as tats and body modification done during youth and college, reputation will mean nothing. Society will have changed by then and the mores that we judge others by will be shortly irrelevant thanks much in part to social networking and self promotion and personal revelations that it encourages.
I'm wondering what your take on this is and how you see it affecting their futures. Laws are already being enacted to restrict social networking profiles from affecting admissions and hiring, but nothing is to stop anyone from using this information subjectively and biasing their opinions. At least not yet or until the persons in HR or doing discovery have an identical or similar past history and it becomes hypocritical.
Re:Social Networking, Privacy, Past and Future 2012/10/19 19:11:47
I have some friends that have parents younger than my parents (they were in their 30s with me) and I have to say...some of the stories they tell (and love to tell) about the things they did (or continue to try to do) is enough to make me speechless. That's not easy.

Maybe when you reach a certain age you forget those things you or your peers did at that age...or miss those days. I don't miss those days.
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Re:Social Networking, Privacy, Past and Future 2012/10/20 00:25:25
I'm encouraging my Grandkids to become hand surgeons!
Millions of Texters are going to need them in coming years!
Gotta go now---I'm late for my Texters Anonymous Meeting.
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Re:Social Networking, Privacy, Past and Future 2012/10/20 00:41:44
I tried to get both my kids to post they just threw me down a flight of stairs...just to see how fast my entire family and every friend would flood the phone lines to check if I am ok...or not.

They would not do it. They are more mature than I am. Or they do plan on throwing me down the stairs.
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Filet Mignon
Re:Social Networking, Privacy, Past and Future 2012/10/20 11:48:02
Am I the clueless person? 
I am in my 70s and refuse to join Facebook, because of the privacy issues, but friends of mine in their 40s and 50s persist in trying to convince me it is perfectly safe.  Our Boy Scout Troop even has its own Facebook page, though I am not really sure why. 
Is everyone else so unsure of themselves that they have to see how many people they can get to "like" them?  They seem to collect "likes" as a hobby, just as people collect antiques or coins or sports memorabelia or whatever.
Will someone explain to me just why I don't get it?
Re:Social Networking, Privacy, Past and Future 2012/10/20 11:59:54
There is an article in todays Washington rag, er Post, about some guy in Australia trying to raise 200,000 Euros, so he can sue Facebook whom he claims has 1222 pages of info on him...YEOW!
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Amen 6star!! I'm with you...