Fire Destroys Big Tex, Texas State Fair Icon

Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Fire Destroys Big Tex, Texas State Fair Icon 2012/10/19 19:39:53
Yes.  Tex passed prematurely at 60 this morning at 10:31 CDT: cause of his death apparently was his equivalent of a stroke - an electrical short in an overheated servo-motor. 
I guess we should have seen it coming as his mouth did not function properly for the first several days of this year's Great State Fair of Texas.  And he had trouble moving his right hand this year.  I guess the result of this year's UT-OU "Red River Rivalry" game was just too much for him to take.
Few know that he began his career as Santa before being acquired by the State Fair.  His remains have already been removed.  When Mrs. Metro and I visit this Sunday on closing day we will take a yellow rose with us to place with the the mound of tributes that has already been begun.
R.I.P., Big Tex.
(On a happier note, the voice of Big Tex still lives and Fair Officials are already promising that a new, bigger, and more crowd-responsive "New Big Tex" will greet Fair-goers in 2013. And Dickey's Jeans has already promised to dress him, hopefully with flame-retardant materials!).
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Fire Destroys Big Tex, Texas State Fair Icon 2012/10/21 20:12:45
He will be missed.  And I am sure there is NO truth to a rumor that was terrorist attack but some Boudin makers from a nearby territory (Yes folks, this is tongue in cheek!)