Kampot Pepper

Russ Jackson
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2012/10/20 20:14:13
I love fresh pepper and a bout a year ago I was turned on to Kampot Pepper from Cambodia. It comes in red, white or black. Once you use it you will never but standard pepper again. You heard it here first. You can buy it on EBAY as well. Enjoy
Since the 1400s, Cambodia cropping of pepper in the province of Kampot. It is a culture of tradition. However, the height of pepper farm also known as "pepper" took place in the 19th century. Cambodia was integrated in Indochina and all the spices were exported to France and Europe. The culinary qualities of Kampot pepper quickly made his reputation as the best pepper in the world. Indeed, this pepper has fragrance and wonderful flavors. However, the seizure of power by the Khmer Rouge and the unstable situation in Cambodia have derailed the culture and operation of Kampot pepper. The resurrection of pepper cultivation in the province of Kampot is back to current taste and spice highlights this highly regarded and coveted by French chefs.
from: http://kampot3pepper.com/
Re:Kampot Pepper 2012/10/21 00:50:22
Hi Russ!
I'd not heard of that pepper before.  Going to look it up now.