TJ's Fish Fry Bennington, VT

Junior Burger
2012/10/22 18:38:54
TJ's Fish Fry at the corner of Main and Depot road in Bennington, VT
Had the Fish Dinner, Shrimp Dinner, A Hot Dog w/ Red Meat Sauce, a medium drink and shake.
The total damage only $20.00, that fish dinner could easily be 20 by itself in a lot of places.  We didn't get the onion rings because we were told only TJ knows how to do them right, and he wasn't there at the time.
But the real question, was it good?  Hell yes, at twice the price it would have been good.
The place must be fairly new, google maps shows the building unnamed.
I would go again in a heartbeat, but being from NY it won't be till I head up to VT again.
Well TJ was there but was n a break greeting customers. 
  This would make more sense if the link was available, there is a maniquin greeeting you in the order area.



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Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:TJ's Fish Fry Bennington, VT 2012/10/22 20:04:09
That TJ. He's always promoting his places on Roadfood. I must admit, though, I didn't know he'd opened a place in Vermont. I can't help wondering whether it takes away from his sports bar near Wheeling.
TJ Jackson
Re:TJ's Fish Fry Bennington, VT 2012/10/22 23:00:20
The really, really odd thing about this -- I was in Bennington on my most recent family vacation in early July of this year
We ate at the Blue Benn, which was solidly good but not as good as we had hoped for.  The atmosphere was indeed pure roadfood, but the food itself did not blow us away.  I was really happy my kids got to eat in genuine diner that seems unchanged (but for the prices, and a few menu items) from days long gone
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