Where to eat: Dallas to Charlotte on I-20

Junior Burger
2012/10/24 00:09:34
I'm about to embark on a road trip, starting in Dallas ending in Charlotte.  I will be on I-20 from Dallas to Atlanta.  Please send any suggestions for stops just off 20.  Don't have the luxury of exploring too far, but have the time to eat some good food.
Thanks in advance.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Where to eat: Dallas to Charlotte on I-20 2012/10/24 15:15:44
I'd like to point out my blog's wonderful companion map, which will give you several good ideas along that path through Alabama and Georgia:
Dreamland in Tuscaloosa is a popular classic.  Marie's BBQ in Heflin was pretty good - phone them first - and Turn-Around BBQ in Tallapoosa has some amazing Brunswick stew, one of my three or four favorites.  I think that they close disagreeably early, though, about 2 pm.
Hudson's Hickory House in Douglasville is, sez me, a must-stop just for their incredibly interesting and curious barbecue "juice," as regulars call it.  Very, very few other places have it, and those that do are copying Hudson.
If you're taking I-85 from Atlanta, I can also recommend The Smoking Pig in Pendleton SC, which hasn't made it onto the map yet.  I thought that was very good.