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2012/10/29 13:08:24
I'm in the process of converting a '65 P30 and am looking for suggestions for the flooring.  The current floor of the box is metal, but is not in the best shape.  There are a couple areas of bondo and some rough spots.  We've prepped the surface with a heavy duty wire brush and removed anything loose as well as most of the paint that was on it.  My thought was to go with some type of epoxy coating, but not sure if any would adhere well or be thick enough to level out the rough spots.  Interior height of the truck is only just over 6', so I need to be careful of reducing that.  Any suggestions?  Thanks.
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/29 13:49:55
Welded diamond plate over marine grade plywood, it's bullet proof.
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/29 17:17:32
My truck has an aluminum tongue and groove type of floor. We did just as you said to prep it and the epoxy worked great. It didn't level all the gaps but they are all sealed and its very durable. I have a pics but can't post them yet.
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/29 20:16:38
Chefbuba, New diamond plate would be great, I think it's going to be outside of my budget. 
Buffy, What brand/type of epoxy did you use?  Would you mind sending me pics by email?  noodles on the loose @   (without the spaces)
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/29 23:35:44
Diamond plate would be awesome. But not in my budget either. I sent you a picture of my floor. I should have sent a before pic too!, I think I will.
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/29 23:42:31
Chefbuba, why would you need your FLOOR bulletproof? What going on in WA?? Lol
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/30 01:34:17
Got both of the pics, and the floor looks great!
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/30 21:29:08
We used a self etching aluminum primer and Rustoleum garage floor epoxy. Worked out great.
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/30 21:48:46

Chefbuba, why would you need your FLOOR bulletproof? What going on in WA?? Lol

Ever worked in a commercial kitchen?
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/30 22:06:49
I've used a coating from these guys for industrial food areas, you add an aggregate to it to make it anti slip, works great and lasts a long time.  
Probably have a lot of these type coatings available in the states.  As far as diamond plate for a floor, better you than me to keep it clean, every try to squeegee diamond plate?
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2012/10/30 23:01:23
I scrub my floor just about every day. Hot water, soap, degreaser, scrub with deck brush, rinse, squeegee, done.  I use a soft foam squeegee.
Takes all of five minutes, includes hooking up the hose and putting it away.
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2013/03/18 02:07:35
Diamond plate is a good option but very expensive. If you can increase your budget then go for it.


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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2013/03/18 10:52:03
Garage floor epoxy works best, as it is designed to work with a aggregate. I have also used truck bed liner in a can. Put on a heavy coat, then dusted it with really fine sand, let it dry, put on another coat. Was pretty much impossible to destroy.
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2013/03/18 20:33:49
Are you using aluminum or stainless diamond plate?
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2013/05/01 19:54:18
My floor is metal, after pulling up thick plywood. I am tall so trying to limit the amount of layers put down on the floor so I have more headroom. I am opting for painting the existing metal if necessary, but I might even just leave the existing paint and use 1/2 inch anti fatigue mats down the center, which is what I would do regardless of my flooring.
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Re:Food Truck Flooring 2014/07/08 14:12:57
My idea is to strip the floor down to bare metal then fiberglass it.
Add some 6 inch skirts and a nonskid aisle.
The idea is to be able to put the truck on an incline and simply hose it out.
Re:Food Truck Flooring 2014/07/21 02:07:30
The rubber mats. They disguise more sins than a vicar's collar. Highly recommended.