Current Roadfood Poll

2012/11/04 01:58:54
I would like to see another choice added to the current poll asking what the key considerations are when deciding whether to attend the Roadfood Tour. Please add a choice indicating the amount of notice given. This has always been my issue and I would like to know if others have the same problem. My issue in the past has always been that everyone at my workplace is scheduled to work a Tuesday thru Saturday or a Sun thru Thursday shift. If you need an entire weekend off for vacation or a special event you needed to schedule it four to five months out. The most notice that I recall for the fall tour has been about three months. I noticed that this year they announced the date of the New Orleans get together when the Fall Tour was finishing up. I would like to see the location and date of the fall tour announced around the first of May if at all possible. This allows plenty of time to arrange the time off and allows for cheaper airfares.