cheese straws

2004/03/06 13:45:21
Hi everyone. I recently discovered cheese straws - crunchy, cheesy, vaguely "straw" or worm-shaped baked snacks (not the puff-pastry based things) and am now obsessed with them. Problem is, the 2.5 ounce bag that provoked this addiction came from one of those discount-overstocks stores, and they haven't had them since. I've tried some by mail order ("Aunt Lizzie's" via, but was disappointed. Does anyone have a good source? Thanks!
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RE: cheese straws 2004/03/06 17:06:17

Most excellent cheese straws. A Google search will find other companies that sell these but you can buy direct too.
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RE: cheese straws 2004/03/06 17:42:42
Spaniel, There is a mail order firm based in Charleston, S.C. that ships delicious cheese straws and other fresh, quality products. A friend ordered some cheese straws from them and was very pleased. I'm trying to remember the firm's name (the business is owned and operated by two brothers) but am having no success. I saved their Web address (for ordering cane syrup), but have lost or misplaced it. Check back here periodically, as the information you'd like to have today may be here in a week or a month. Good luck.
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RE: cheese straws 2004/03/25 11:31:31
Try going to the web site for Old Salem in Winston Salem, NC.
They make cheese straws. In fact most of the Moravian Bakerires in Winston Salem offer them and they are good. We first tried them at the Southern Womens Show.
RE: cheese straws 2004/03/26 01:40:56
Thanks for the recommendations, everyone.

emsmom, I actually ordered some cheese straws from the Old Salem website about a week ago - just got the package and haven't tried them yet, but I'll post a report when I do.

Well, they were pretty good, and heating them in the oven for a few minutes improves the taste and texture. But they were a little too spicy for me - cayenne seems to be the traditional addition to these - and I ordered the "mild" variety. Good thing I didn't get the "hot" ones. Happily, I have found an unlikely local source, a HomeGoods store in Pittsfield, MA that has a small fancy foods section - mostly things more decorative than edible, but also, hallelujah!, high-end cookies, crackers and several flavors of cheese straws. They are exorbitantly priced, but still less exorbitant than any mail order ones, for which of course you also pay the ridiculous shipping charge.