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Junior Burger
2012/11/09 17:08:00
Hello, I'm new to the site, and have been getting a ton of great info so far from all of you! I'm embarking on my first catering/food truck build, and am hoping to get a few things figured out (I will get all photos etc. us ASAP).
Because of where I live I know I need to insulate the truck as best I can. My question is; have any of you ever put rigid foam insulation over your existing floor, before your plywood sub-floor? If so, did you then float your plywood sub-floor over the insulation, or did you secure it in some way?
Thank you in advance!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
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Re: Floor Insulation - New Truck Build 92' P30 2012/11/09 17:55:42
I would think that the plywood needs to be secured. The only problem with insulating the floor is the insulation compressing over time where you have the equipment and down the isle where you walk, resulting in an uneven floor.

I was in a cold zone, snow, ice, sub zero winters and do not have an insulated floor.
I assume your fresh water will be inside and waste under the truck. I ran a small space heater inside at night to keep things fluid and have a rv tank heater on the waste tank, wrap any other exposed plumbing with heat tape.
Do not close your dump valve, if it freezes, you will never get it open. I have a cap on the 3" dump valve that has a garden hose fitting with a screw on cap, drain from there. If it does freeze you can remove the cap and chisel out the ice. The water will be warm behind the valve from the tank blanket.
Junior Burger
Re: Floor Insulation - New Truck Build 92' P30 2012/11/09 18:54:31
Thanks, I agree there is potential for a problem with the insulation under the ply-wood sub floor. I may just use a thinner, "vapor barrier" style underlayment vs. the foam, but I do think I need something in addition to the ply.
As for now, fresh water tank inside, and gray water under-mount is the plan. I actually design removable insulation covers, so I plan to have the gray water tank pretty well taken care of. I'll post some pictures of those once I hit the allotted number of posts.