Day One is done!

Lonestar Dogs
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2012/11/10 16:06:50
Well I knocked out my first day slingin' dogs! There was certainly some educational moments as it was a windy day. We set up at a Farmer's Market event with a limited menu. Chicago Dogs, New York Dogs, Coney Dogs, and a Nekkid Dog. 20 oz drinks and chips. open to the public 10a - 2p we sold a total of 42 dogs and raked in $208. Had folks coming back afterwards telling how much they enjoyed the dogs. Others coming by because they were told the dogs were good. Overall I'm figuring today as a smashing success! Just wanted to share with you guys as you've taught me so much up to this point!
~ Terry's Lonestar Dogs
OH! Forgot one thing! Health Inspector came by today too! He seemed very pleased with the cart, temps, setup all the way around. So, first day and first health inspection in the field.
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Double Cheeseburger
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 16:28:02
Cool Dude!! But tell us about your mistakes, your "teachable moments"
How many times did you burn yourself?
What did you run out of first?
How did those 20 oz sodas work for you?
And doesn't the wind suck?
Lonestar Dogs
Junior Burger
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 16:39:58
Biggest lesson was dealing with wind gusts of 20 to 25 mph. Had to close up the umbrella. Shame too as I'd had my chips hanging up there! I certainly should have arrived about half an hour earlier for setup. We got things ready in time but just barely. Proudly only burned the side of my hand once on a lid. Before I ever went out I'd seen a post from someone on one forum or another that suggested putting drawer pull type knobs on the lids. As I'm in Texas I made that modification before I ever left the garage and used these great little knobs with 'lone stars' in the pattern. Cuts down on burn potential! I want to create a couple of weighted bean bags or something of the sort to hold down paper and hot dog boats. As it was I took a pair of new vise-grips that were in the truck, wrapped em in a sheet of grease-proof paper and used that as a paperweight. During the pack up and clean up time I realized having a box of gallon ziplocks on hand woulda been handy. BUNGEE CORDS!! You cannot have enough of those little cloth covered type bungee cords! I'll be setting up a tote box just to hold 'ah hell!' type supplies. Things that you hope to never need but never know! Bungee cords, more bungee cords, paper weights, first aid kit, things like that.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 17:25:42
I hate wind!!
I'd rather it be 45 deg. and calm than 55deg. and windy. I use tissue paper to serve on and the wind gets in my way. Don't carry napkins anymore, cuz they blow away. I use paper towels.
Ice Cream Man
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Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 17:35:18
Sounds like you had a good day, many more to come I hope.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 17:45:30
Just my opinion....
But, lose the hot dog boats. Just more trash. Tissue works fine. Keep foil on hand, but you'll rarely use it. Have bags, preferably with your name on it.
Lonestar Dogs
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Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 18:39:54
Jcheese - Thanks! I'll take input all day long every day. I did find the boats handy for the Coney dog just cause its a tad messy. Heh I've got about a thousand of em. I'll use what I got but I'm always open to input.
Ice Cream - Thanks for the well wishes. Just got some news that may well insure many more good days to come! If the plan maps out I'll certainly let the gang know!
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 23:09:51
My buddy here with all of the carts in Denver wanted me to ditch the foil too, but I just bought another box. I have a spray bottle that sprays like a mist. When idle, I spray mist on a bun that is laying  in a foil sheet and the mist gets on the the foil too. I do 6 or 7 rap them loosely and keep stacking them on the inside of my BBQ grill where the heat is turned off and it makes the buns real warm and soft. I also do a few this way in my steam pan. If I just put the buns in naked into the steam pan they get too soggy. The foil works for me.
I also use the boats on occasion for Frito Pie. My son says just put the condiments in the Frito bag and call it a walking taco. I will do that in the future, but for now I have a bunch of boats to get rid of. Ha ha!
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Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/10 23:42:19
Congrats Lonestar!  I've been out for 3 months now....I remember my first day I had to learn how to open a bun....ha ha.  I use just 12"x12" wax paper for all my dogs....even the chili cheese dogs and they work great.  Save yourself $ don't need boats or any other extra crap.....good luck!
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/11 01:07:58
use your tongs to open and close the steam table pan lids. with practise your tongs can do it all.
err, execpt maybe light cigars.
Hungry Dog
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Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/13 21:44:20
I plan on using paper hot dog boats for a HUGE DILL Pickle on a STICK!
Lonestar Dogs
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Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/14 09:57:59
On a steeeck!
hella good tacos
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/20 19:03:41
Tarp clamps and bungees can help you with your umbrella.
we are required to have an umbrella up at all times in portland.  I simply attach the clamps to the edge of the umbrella and attach bungees where apppropriate.  Fixed my wind problem!  (and the wind blows a lot here)
Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/20 23:15:52
So you're getting close to $5.00 a dog?
Lonestar Dogs
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Re:Day One is done! 2012/11/21 09:19:36
It averaged out to look that way. Actually the dogs are $3.00 to $3.50. Combos are $5.00 (Chips and a Drink)