Anyone ever installed hydraulics on a food trailer?

Junior Burger
2012/11/10 16:56:57
I'm about to start building my own trailer from scratch and got the idea to do a hydraulic suspension (like on low-rider cars) so I can lower the structure to the ground (completely hiding the wheels) at events, then level it out with built in feet so that it looks like a permanent structure.  Is this crazy? Has anyone ever done this?
That the structure not look like an ordinary concession trailer is key to my concept.
Uncle Groucho
Re:Anyone ever installed hydraulics on a food trailer? 2012/11/10 17:48:33
I would stay away from hydraulics and use airbags instead. Hydraulics WILL leak and the ride will be lousy. I speak from experience, I "Juiced" many cars and trucks, I still own 1. When it gets cold, the hydraulics will get very slow or they might not even work. Airbags work even when they are deflated. If you just want to "Hide" the wheels you could fabricate some wheel skirts. Just stay away from Sidepipes and Curbfeelers.
Junior Burger
Re:Anyone ever installed hydraulics on a food trailer? 2012/11/19 10:49:18
I have a Centuy brand trailer that has an airbag suspension that lowers it to the ground when vending, then when you are ready to leave, air up the bags and off you go!  Slick set-up.  Puts the trailer floor about 3-4 inches above the ground level. Airbags are also nice in that it rides smoother than my trailer with torsion axels.