Hey Everyone. I am Nate with the new restaurant website building company -- Savvyhoster.

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2012/11/12 15:44:47
Hey everyone. A new business has just went online called savvyhoster and can be looked at at savvyhoster.com. Savvyhoster is a business dedicated to creating, maintaining, and updating your restaurant's website for a small monthly fee. You don't need to learn coding, or any other technical knowledge. All you need to do is purchase a package and we will contact you with questions to customize the website, and tailor the website to directly correlate with the type of food your restaurant serves. Your business website will have a customized professional .com domain as well at no cost. Please visit savvyhoster.com and see what we can offer you and your business today. For questions, feel free to e-mail, call, or respond to this thread. Thank you.
Try the free demo or take the video-tour.

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