Southern Arizona Chili Colorado Motorcycle Tour.

Junior Burger
2012/11/13 17:48:46
One of my favorite weekend motorcycle rides involves strategic stops for great Chili Colorado and a cold beverage. We begin in Tucson with a breakfast burrito of Chili Colorado at Juanito's, 708 W. Grant Rd.
 We then proceed North on AZ 77 to Mammoth, AZ where its time to stop for a bowl of Chili Colorado and an ice cold Mexican beverage at La Casita, 400 S Hwy 77.
After being refreshed, we continue North on AZ 77 through the beautiful San Pedro River Valley to Winkelman, AZ. We turn left at the Shell Station and proceed North on AZ 177 into Copper Country. Some beautiful views and the Ray Mine is awesome.
After reaching Suprerior, AZ, its time to stop for some Chili Colorado Enchiladas and another cold Mexican beverage at Los Hermanos, 835 W. US Hwy 60.
 Fortified, we continue West on US 60 until we reach AZ 79. Turning South we pass thru Florence and alot of dumbasses in the AZ State Pen. South of Florence, AZ 79 becomes the Pinal Parkway and goes through some of the most beautiful Sonoran Desert. We stop at the Tom Mix Rest Stop ( just North of where Tom totaled himself and his Deusenberg) to stretch and to toast Tom.
 Arriving back in Tucson, its time for a fine dinner plate of Chili Colorado at Casa Molina, 4240 E. Grant Rd.
Re:Southern Arizona Chili Colorado Motorcycle Tour. 2012/11/14 00:24:21
Sounds like a nice ride thru some beautiful and rugged countryside