Black Friday

2012/11/19 20:21:37
the end of this week is black friday.
people will start lining up at stores around midnight. and I bet they would love some hot dogs, chips, and drinks while they are waiting.
Re:Black Friday 2012/11/19 21:27:28
This is a great idea if it's not below freezing. Is anyone going to try this or has done this in the past with out permission?
In other words in a strip mall with 5 to 8 stores and no eats who would you ask? One of the store managers (owner) are all of the stores? Or would you just go set up and see if anyone tries to run you off. I'm new. Help!!!!!!!!! Oh and I guess you're talking about midnight Thursday? I think here locally they are opening at midnight Thanksgiving because of all the people who would stand in line all night.
Re:Black Friday 2012/11/19 22:12:59
hmm, I wouldnt know who you ask.
when you are operating thou no one else is.
but even if there is a open food place near by, no one is going to want to leave the line. so you can push your cart up and down the line all night. err and dont forget maybe a huge urn of hot chocolate and maybe some other snacks. I mean, you really have a captive audiance there.
hella good tacos
Re:Black Friday 2012/11/20 19:00:23
I was invited by Urban Outfitters to be outside of their store at 5am.  I am doing breakfast burritos, premade in a commissary, with coffee and oj.
this will be my first attempt.
Wednesday night in the downtown area is a good night for me as the college kids are home!
Re:Black Friday 2012/11/20 19:30:49
Could do a "breakfast dog" that I have done and people like. A open face style sausage dog with white sausage gravy poured over it and served with a spork.Could also buy the pre packaged muffins that Sam's Club carries or other pastry type items, like Honey Buns.
 Hope it goes well for you!!
hella good tacos
Re:Black Friday 2012/11/20 22:23:18
i am a taqueria cart, so i stick to tacos, burrito, and quesadillas.  But, i appreciate the suggestion. Sounds like something i might whip up for my groms at home.
i'll make some country gravy and serve breakfast "dogs."