Norske Nook

Junior Burger
2012/11/19 20:52:42
Whatever happened to The Norske Nook on Roadfood?
This was the first place I read about when encountering Jane and Michael way back when. Now I can't find it on the Roadfood map, even though I visit it regularly! 
It still has the best pies anywhere!
Re:Norske Nook 2012/11/20 10:02:54
I was just there in September and it was still a going concern. The pies were good but I would put the Stockholm Pie Co. above them as well as a few Lake Superior North Shore stops. Norske Nook on the pie scale is about equal to Betty's Pies on the North Shore, IMO.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Norske Nook 2012/11/20 11:55:57
They competed this year in the National Pie Championships in Orlando. Florida, so they must still be in business! 
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Norske Nook 2012/11/20 19:57:27
Thanks for bringing up the Norske Nook.  I can't speak for the Sterns, but I believe it is no longer included in the Roadfood books because the place has gone downhill.  I visited only once, about three years ago and the pies were the only part of the meal worth eating.  Didn't the original owner pass away?  Or did she sell the place?  Since you have been going there on a regular basis, have you seen any changes over the years?
Re:Norske Nook 2012/11/20 22:13:46
Thank you bb for breaking the ice on this one.  Our one visit to the Norske Nook was less than stellar.  The pie was okay-not great, but the food was decidedly sub par.  It was very salty and had the distinct taste of ingredients out of a Sysco can.
The history I heard involved the store being sold to a large restaurant management company, eliminating any connection to the original family owners or the town itself.
Sadly, Norske Nook was a big disappointment.