Food Industry Smells

2012/11/20 22:53:43
I posted on another thread about the area in Cincinnati around the Hostess Bakery and that it always smelled so good when you drive by.
That got me thinking are there other places like that, the ones that make you go YUMMMMM
Here's what I came up with:
Bakery - Yeast and donuts yummmm
BBQ Joint - If you can't smell the smoke RUNNN FOREST RUN!
Chicken Shack - Yummm fried chicken
The one that throws me off every time is our local potato chip plant.
It smells horrible, but damn that make good chips.
What else is on the list of Industry Smells?
Filet Mignon
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/20 23:21:08
The fudge shops on Mackinac Island...just walking by you get a lungful of sugary goodness.
Likewise a good chocolatier.
Then there's always a popcorn shop, which doesn't require explanation.
Now I'm hungry.
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/20 23:22:33
The salt water taffy places along the board walk too
I had forgot about the fudge shops
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 10:50:46
There's a popcorn shop just down the street from my job and at this time of year they ramp up production of caramel corn and other goodies, so it's not uncommon to smell things like that.
There's also the fragrance of the Quaker Oats plant on the south side of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but let's just say that it's an acquired taste.
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 11:10:43
Growing up...there was a pickle warehouse in the neighborhood. It was a delightful scent.
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 11:21:19
Oh...and the Fenugreek from the spice factory that scared the hell out of NYC a few years ago...with the smell of many things Breakfast.
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 11:51:05
Crab places in Maryland, ya gotta smell the crabs, old bay, old beer!
ann peeples
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 13:15:19
We were downtown Milwaukee last night, and there is a new restaurant that smokes their own meat-delightful smell and it was 3 blocks away from where we were. Bob was salivating and we had just had a huge meal...thanks to his sister.What I miss is the yeast plant that used to be in the same area. I love the smell of yeast.  When we used to have a Harley, we would take trips to little towns and visit independent cheese could smell the cheese making process a mile away...
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 19:19:41
Wow.  Reading this thread made me recall one still Summer evening back in the '70's driving slowly through Richmond, VA.  What pleasant smells that lovely city had that evening, everything from bakeries, confectioners, restaurants, and tobacco warehouses.  Simply outstanding!
(As opposed to driving at any time through the east end of Houston, TX).
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 20:23:10
Hershey PA---Nothing like it!
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 20:24:36
The Feeder Lots outside Amarillo, TX
Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 21:59:29
This morning I got out of the car at the post office and the wind was blowing directly from the direction of the bakery across the was like getting a glazed doughnut shoved in my face.
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Re:Food Industry Smells 2012/11/21 22:06:25
Eons ago I worked in an architects office at Southport and Clyborn in Chicago. Back then it was a fringe, scruffy industrial neighborhood, now, looking at streetview its filled with crap looked better with abandoned buildings and Sammy's sandwich shack...but I digress...Within blocks of our office was a wonder bread factory and not far from that, somewhere near the canal was a tannery...a more foul combination of odors could not be imagined.
I learned in school that it was the smell and discharge from tanneries that spawned the concept of urban zoning..
My current office in Syracuse is in a neighborhood filled with restaurants and I am usually downwind of the smokers at the Dinosaur BBQ...much better...
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