Raising Cain Chicken

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2012/11/26 10:03:21
Hi Everyone.Has anyone ever tried Raising CainChicken?The founder was according to their website on the show,Secret Millionaire,and it's named for the founder's dog.They have a limited menu and it's mainly chicken fingers, fries,etc.
They have built one here in Schertz,across from the Walmart,and are now hiring.Just wondered if it was any good.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/26 10:45:12
"Hot chicken, hot chicken, which combo are you pickin'" (how you are greeted in the drive thru)
So, if you are in the mood for chicken fingers it is pretty good.  They are always fresh, hot and defintiely cut from a non-processed chieckn breast.  It is very popular with college students and you will find most of them near a campus.
It is not mainly chicken fingers and fries, it is only chicken fingers and fries.  The entire menu is chicken fingers, fries (frozen crinkle cut), cole slaw, and texas toast (looks like an uncut hot dog bun buttered and griddled on one side only - though you can ask for it bbs which is buttered btoh sides).  They do have a chicken finger sandwich but that is it.  The thing that everyone raves about is the cane's sauce.  It is a mayo, ketchup, worchestershire, garlic powder, spice mixture that is quite addicting.
It is better to eat there than carryout/drvie through as they put the stuff in a styrafoam container which can make everythig a ittle soggy byt the time you get home.
Give it a try.  I usually get a box combo (4 fingers) 2nd piece of toast instead of cole slaw and an extra cane sauce. 
Russ Jackson
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Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/26 11:27:21
Cains is great we have a few in Columbus and one is right down the street from my office so we frequent it often. Sauce is great. Toast is very good also dipped in Cains Sauce. Fries are very good. 
However I strongly recommend when ordering that you request well done. This will insure crispy chicken strips instead of limp. Get extra sauce!...Russ
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Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/26 16:49:37
I tried the one in Minneapolis.  Above-average chicken fingers, but nothing terribly impressive, IMHO.
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/26 19:48:35
We have a bunch of them here in the northern suburbs of Dallas.
I tried them once; I, evidently, am not a "chicken fingers" kind of guy.  And their sides are "so-so". 
That said, I applaud the quality of their food.  Chicken fingers fans will like it.
Were I to go again (and I will not) I would take Russ Jackson's advice above. 
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/26 20:03:47
They haven't made it to AZ yet that I'm aware of.
Should be a natural. I think every kid in America has been raised on Chicken Fingers. It's the #1 item on the Kids Menu's and many working mothers rely on them for a quick fix dinner for the kids.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/27 10:22:32
We have one on the U of Minnesota campus.  Tried it twice.  It's better than Chik-Fil-A, which is in the student union.  Cain's are heartier (read=bigger) chicken fingers than the norm, and as others have said, clearly not reconstituted, processed pressed chicken pieces.  I didn't bother with the sides, and I'm not big on sauces.  I wasn't excited enough about them to make the trip a third time.  But they are OK for fast food.
Junior Burger
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/28 05:41:15
It's better than Chik-Fil-A, (which isn't saying much) and it's easy to eat in the car while you're driving.  Not tremendous...
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/28 09:56:13
Thanks Folks.I may give it a try after it has been open for awhile. I like Chik-Fil-A,even their chicken and biscuit at breakfast is good.
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/28 12:35:27
We have one in Dallas and although the "fingers" are pretty good, I'm afraid I'm more of a Popeye's lover. Especially, the spicy thighs!
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/28 13:11:06
Popeye has spicy thighs? Who knew?
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/28 13:41:35
Michael, you don't even wan't me to describe their breasts. 
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/28 15:28:25
Oh, I don't know about that.
Ralph Melton
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Re:Raising Cain Chicken 2012/11/29 18:59:25
I've eaten at Raining Cane's once in New Orleans and found it dismal. But it probably was not their best time, and I was already in a horrible mood.