Best approach to contacting restaurant managers?

Junior Burger
2012/11/26 19:19:54
Hi, I'm hoping members of the forum can provide some feedback on the best method to reaching out to restaurant managers in my area for a product concept I'm researching. I realize these folks are really busy and I want to maximize my chances of getting a meaningful discussion with anyone interested.
I'm hoping to schedule a quick and informal 15-30 minute conversation to learn more about their business and discuss a product concept I have in mind. This is purely market research and not a sales discussion of any kind. A few questions I have are:
- Is an in-person visit better or should I call instead?
- I'd like to buy them a coffee or something to thank them for their time, but given it's their establishment is there something else that would be better?
Any advice is welcome. Thanks!
Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
Re:Best approach to contacting restaurant managers? 2012/11/26 19:55:29
First a 15-30 minute conversation is not a quick conversation. That's a major amount of time out of my work day. If I'd see you at all you had better make me think I'm going to net something more than a cup of my own joe. LOL Geez When I have time to sit on my tail I want to relax and clear my mind not deal with salespeople. Send me something in the mail and I might read it.
2nd I hate sales phone calls or for that mater unannounced walk in sales people. I must get 5 on average robo calls a day. and at my busiest times. Like the first call is always around 11:45 AM and I open at 11:00 AM. What are these people thinking?
3rd you want information from me you had better be a customer and a good customer at that. I sell BBQ so about once a week I have some guy that just bought a Craigslist used 100 dollar Brinkman Smoker and he wants my help learning how to smoke ribs????And he wants it while hes sitting at my drive thru window. LMAO
Why didn't he buy a printing press and go to the US Treasury and ask them how to print money? Well that's not a very good analogy because BBQ doesn't make that much money in this economy. LOL
Well if you want anything from a restaurant owner you'd better start showing your face now (being a customer)( and often) then try and talk to him in January when things are slow. Good luck.
Re:Best approach to contacting restaurant managers? 2012/11/27 00:31:25
Try for a 3rd party introduction. Find someone at the Chamber of Commerce who knows the Managers to introduce you to them.
Also ask the Food Editor at the Newspaper who would be the most approachable.
Is there a Portland Restaurant Association?? Work thru them.
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