~ Redmond, Oregon (A Report from the Field) Dawg House II

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2012/12/01 19:35:18
I was driving through an area never mistaken for a hotdog-epicenter ... and my well-honed radar spotted a place on the the 'northbound' side of town that looked 'worthy' ...
Dawg House II is a spin-off of the original in far less-hotdog-epicenter-ish, Prineville, Oregon.
The place felt good as I entered ... the place is decorated halfway between a everyday dog place and a Panerra ... in other words you could be as comfortable or efficient eat-n-run as you'd like.
The smiling-face behind the counter reminded me of Peco's Pit in Seattle (anyone SODO can appreciate what a compliment that is to the owner) ....
Anyhow I had a superb dog with nice condiments a decent sized (not way-too-much) order of fries and a local brew for about $9 ... and enjoyed every molecule.
IMO, What really worked is they didn't try to be an every dog for every person place (like only SuperDuper Weenie in Bridgeport, CT has ever pulled off in my opinion) ... this was a quality dog, cooked right, with a just-right bun ... in Redmond, Oregon.

(I know, Gregg needs a better camera phone)
Their FB page:
 So, time (years) go by ... I'm in town head 'northbound' ... the place is closed.  If there is a sign on the door, I can't read it as the parking lot is unplowed.  I go to a place called 'e' and have viable ribs (very thick cut with uninspired sauce.
Later a friend tell me Dawg House II has moved ... they took over a bar a few blocks away.
We ate at the dining room ... the dawg menu seemed a bit more limited than I remember (but I'm not sure) ... I ordered a sausage an it was good.  I'll be back, next time to eat at the bar.
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Re:~ Redmond, Oregon (A Report from the Field) Dawg House II 2012/12/02 14:29:35
I need a better camera phone too! Looks delicious, though. Your description makes up for any lack of a good picture!
Re:~ Redmond, Oregon (A Report from the Field) Dawg House II 2012/12/03 10:48:05
That's a nice-looking hot dog...was it all beef or a blend?  What kind of casing?