Thanksgiving 2012

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Thanksgiving 2012

Hey Gang
Well the time has come and passed and I've finally gotten around to my write up on the trip that was.
Our journey did not get off to a flying start as it were. We had enjoyed our visit to Del Taco in Toledo and since there’s a Costco right there to fill up, we figured two birds, one stone. Well, at least the Costco part was satisfactory. Del Taco was thoroughly disappointing. I opted for the Bacon Double Cheeseburger and Deluxe Chili Cheese Fries. The fries were fine. Nothing all that memorable. The burger on the other hand was. Because it was so bad. At least in comparison to my previous visit. Last time it was surprisingly good. This time, the opposite. I asked the girl if they were using a different patty and she said she thought so. It looked like the meat was boiled too.  Just not good.
The rest of the day we didn’t feel right. Not bad, just “Off.” We decided after dealing with a few different things, once we were settled in our hotel, that we’d eat and didn’t want to go far. There was a Hooter’s across street and it seemed like a reasonable idea. Another fail. Last time (and just about everytime) I was there I had wings and rather enjoyed them. No so this time. Two different flavours (Seems they’ve diversified their wing options) and neither was very good. I chose the regular Hot and Daytona Beach Style. The latter were just not all that good and the former weren’t as hot as I remember, the meat had a bizzare texture as well (kinda melted in your mouth. Which isn’t good for a chicken wing) and were otherwise unimpressive.
Seeking redemption the next day I chose a place that I’d been eying for a couple years. The Parkette Drive In, in Lexington, Ky. Now we’re talking.
The home of the original Kentucky Fried Chicken. Read more here. The fried chicken was excellent, as was the gravy. Mrs. Sippi love the gizzards although not her favourite.

We spit a chili dog and burger as well. Just a great place and an icon in Lexington. Featured on Triple D a few years back.

So back on the straight and narrow we figured no better time to test what some say is the best fried chicken in the nation.

Champy’s Famous Fried Chicken in Chattanooga, Tn. Really is all that. It’s the best I’ve had. There are a few other places I’m interested in trying but Champy’s, so far, has won my vote. Crispy, juicy, full of flavour and with a slight kick. Truly excellent chicken.

The Delta Tamales were excellent in my book but growing up in Canada I’m far from an expert. Mrs. Sippi proclaimed them very good but thought they ones she used to get back home (Memphis) were better though she didn’t know where they came from. They also had the best Fried Dill Pickles too. Beans and slaw were also first rate.
Once at my inlaws we of course had a spectacular Thanksgiving meal.
My SIL’s, SIL makes THE BEST Devilled Eggs I’ve had. They were of course a big hit. She always makes a few extra to distract me. My SIL made a brisket as well for the first time. While not great it was certainly quite good. Especially for her first attempt. Far better than my first crack at it.
I made another trip to Bandito Burrito Company.
I wasn’t as happy as my first trip but the food was still really good. Save for the Enchilada. The Rienos was quite tasty. Like an over sized jalapeno popper minus the heat. The rice, beans and salsa are all very good. The Enchilada, stuffing and tortilla were quite good but a highlighter red coloured, watery and all but tasteless sauce. I ended up pouring a bit of the salsa on it and it was much better. Their house made salsa is fabulous BTW.

I also had a Taco Burger. Basically a taco on a bun instead of a taco shell. Pretty tasty.
Surprisingly impressed last time. Just happy this time.
We met some friends and Mrs. Sippi finally got her wish to try Wintzell’s Oyster House. The one in Mobile is supposedly awesome but I’ve heard the HSV location is not good. Well, it was good. Not much better than that though. Happy hour oysters were pretty good but not special. $6.50 for a doz was fine. Not all that briny and the shucker was terrible. Way too much shell debris in them. (Up here the prevailing attitude is, the colder the water the better the seafood. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy our oysters much more).Enjoyable but only at that price. The special was Low Country Shrimp Boil. Tasty although not as spicy as I’d like. The corn was kinda mush but edible. The Shrimp were over cooked but I figured they would be. They had good taste but lacked that POP that nicely cooked shrimp have. They use Conecuh sausage which was fabulous. I ate the corn and shrimp, chopped up the potato and ate it like soup in the broth with the sausage. IT WAS AWESOME. A little hot sauce added the heat and some acidity. Really, really enjoyed that. The bread pudding for dessert was also quite good. We both said we’d go back but wouldn’t rush.
Mrs. Sippi has been interested in trying Chipotle for a while. We were pulling a U-ey in a parking lot and I saw one. I suggested we just park and eat there. We did and both thoroughly enjoyed our lunch. I still think it’s one of the best FF joints around. Consistently good at everyone I’ve been to. We also fulfilled our Dreamland obligation. Another great rack o ribs.

Heading home we stopped at, get this, Trueloves Pizza and Grits in Columbia, Tn. It’s not too often a restaurant has the entire menu in its name but basically, that’s all they sell.

Ya, they have drinks (regular and adult) and dessert. You only main options are Pizza, either pre-determined or build your own. We went with meat lovers. It was really good. They make their own dough and it’s some of the best I’ve had.
Their Grits, “Original style” are basically creamy cheese grits with Rotel. Mrs. Sippi was fully willing to dismiss them as blasphemy but since I was trying them she would play along. They were incredible. Nice balance of heat, seasoning, cheese and creaminess.

For dessert we had, Tennessee State Fair awards winning Turtle Pie from a local bakery, sold at the restaurant.

Our usual Skyline stop was moved to another location as we  wouldn’t have made our usual. A couple of Coney Bowls for me and Coney’s for her. Always good although we missed our usual stop.
Our last meal was so nice. Corner Grill in Bowling Green, Ohio. This little diner in the heart of town has been open since 1951.
While still an neighbourhood anchor it was, in its day, the community water cooler as it were. It’s still a place where all walks of life enjoy a meal and gossip. Most things are made in house however some things are out of a bag. The cheese cubes were from frozen however first rate. The ranch dip is made in house and was addictive. They get their meats from a local butcher right down the street. Fresh ground beef hand formed into patties in front of you and done on a flat top.
You can’t possibly screw that up. The dogs are natural casing and sounded like you bit into an apple. For those who dig the snap, these babies are for you. I on the other hand care more about the flavour. Which was good but I hold all dogs to the Nathan’s standard (garlicky/spicy) and these weren’t up to those. Milder but still terrific.
So there you have it folks, our Thanksgiving trip in a 10,000 word summary.
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