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L.A. Confidential

It has been since 2004 since my last visit to the Los Angeles area, so a trip has been long overdue.  My girlfriend Mariton and I just returned from 10 days in Southern California.
Thursday November 22, 2012
Having absolutely no desire to "experience" LAX, we flew on Southwest into John Wayne Airport in Orange County.  The Duke himself

greeted us near the car rental counters.  It was a little less than an hour drive into Los Angeles for our dinner destination. 
This was the third year in a row for Mariton and I to be out of town together at this time of year.  Our two previous Thanksgiving dinner destinations, Hob Nob Hill in San Diego and 13 Coins in Seattle were both terrific.  Wanting to keep up our holiday meal winning streak, I gave it quite a bit of thought and did some research of where to go.  And it always kept coming back to my favorite Los Angeles Roadfood restaurant, Du-Par's

BTW, this is the Farmer's Market location as there are other locations as well.  I had called ahead to ask if reservations were being accepted and necessary and was told no.  When we showed up, there was no more than a 15 minute wait for a table.
Besides their regular menu being available, they also had a fixed price Thanksgiving menu.  There were two soups to choose from, the hearty chicken noodle

or the butternut squash.  

I eat butternut squash all the time back home and I am used to it being a little sweeter and definitely thicker.  There was no sense in both Mariton and I ordering the same thing, since she was welcome to have as much of my turkey as she wanted, so she went with the beef liver instead. 

While she did eat everything off of her plate, she said the liver was a little dry.  She had much nicer things to say about the firm, squeaky green beans and the truly excellent whipped and fluffy mashed potatoes.  We both agreed that some gravy on these would have made them even better.
Of course, I had to get the turkey dinner. 

The turkey itself was very thick cut and tasted exactly what turkey should taste like.  The gravy was good, but thin and I loved the carrots and cranberry sauce.  Now, stuffing is something that is so dependent on one's personal preferance and what you grew up with, that it is really hard to rate restaurant stuffing.  In my own opinion, this version had too much celery in it, but I'm sure many people would like it as is.  Anyway, I easily ate all the stuffing and thoroughly enjoyed it.  The made here dinner rolls

were big and yeasty.  Another nice touch was the mint that came along with the iced tea.

Okay, quick quiz time!  What has two thumbs and orders pancakes at Thanksgiving? 

That guy!  The Travelin Man was nice enough to join us for the first few days of the trip and met us for dinner.  He also had the turkey dinner and the chicken noodle soup was actually his.  And since the pancakes here at Du-Par's are legendary, he got a stack of three for us to share. 

Despite the fact that these pancakes sat for a full 20 minutes before we dug in, they were still warm and frankly, incredible!  They are more substantial than light, but still fluffy.  And even though syrup came with them, they might be better without the syrup.  How many pancakes can you say that about?  These are the gold standard pancakes as far as I am concerned. 
Time for pie!  Du-Par's is famous for both quality and the quantity of different pies available, but because of the holiday, they made no cream pies.  Booooo!  That's okay, considering we still ate these apple and pumpkin pies. 

The thick crusted apple, with real fruit in it was especially good.
Service here was friendly and efficient as usual, with our beverages being constantly refilled.  And when I went up to pay at the register, I heard the employees discussing that actor Jason Lee was in earlier with his family.
6333 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA
We headed out to do some sightseeing.             
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