Breakfast in Dubuque, IA?

2012/12/04 12:25:33
Next month I'm going to Des Moines and one of my possible travel options involves breakfast in Dubuque.  I've been poking around a bit online and so far I've found some pretty good reviews for Sunshine Family Restaurant, which has to be one of the most common names of all time.  It's located at the corner of E. 4th St. and Central Ave. and an entrance ramp to US-61/151 is literally right across the street, so that's a nice bonus.  This isn't a must-stop meal as I have plans for another town not too far down the road, but any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks!
Re:Breakfast in Dubuque, IA? 2012/12/04 16:06:54
Have you already been to Breitbach's in Balltown?
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Re:Breakfast in Dubuque, IA? 2012/12/04 17:00:56
I knew I had a cool Dubuque Restaurant Post Card in my collection, I found it and it is Karigan' the Sunshine Family Restaurant.
Re:Breakfast in Dubuque, IA? 2012/12/05 08:38:51
Thanks for the reminder about Breitbach's.  Unfortunately Balltown's out of the way for a trip from Dubuque to Des Moines but if I have time I'll definitely keep it in mind.
What's the date on the Karigan's postcard?  From I gleaned on the 'net Sunshine was apparently remodeled a few years ago.
Dottie's Cafe is about a block northwest of Sunshine...might be an opportunity there, too.
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Re:Breakfast in Dubuque, IA? 2012/12/05 09:15:31
It's unposted, but I would say early to mid 50' phone # on rear. I wonder if  the Seeburg Teardrop Jukebox speakers ( one hiding behind top right of column) are still around. I truly doubt it.
Re:Breakfast in Dubuque, IA? 2013/01/04 11:21:32
Does anyone have any thoughts about Country Junction in Dyersville?  It seems to have a certain Cracker Barrel-ness  but at the same time it's an independent restaurant that believes in home cooking, and it's not all that far from Dubuque.
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