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2012/12/07 12:14:16 (permalink)


Finally getting a vacation after 4 yrs. Husband lost his job and I found one, now we can go to NOLA to eat and sightsee. Got any recommendations for great food? Not necessarily fancy,k but good Cajun/Creole/seafood stuff. We leave Wednesday.
Thanks! Missed you all but have been very busy. I work at a blood bank. Stephen King (yes, that one!) donates here and I got a chance to meet and talk with him. What a nice guy. He has a house near here (not in my neighborhood). Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Re:n'awlins! 2012/12/07 13:05:42 (permalink)
    Lucky you!
    Mother's Restaurant for the world's best baked ham:
    Mother's Restaurant
    Acme Oyster House for shrimp and oyster poboys:
    Acme Oyster House

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    Re:n'awlins! 2012/12/07 23:31:06 (permalink)
    Ya Damn near can't do bad wherever you eat.........most amazing city!   Take a walk...........look at menus..........try it!
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    Re:n'awlins! 2012/12/08 00:06:23 (permalink)
    I consider the Acme Oyster House and Cafe DuMonde both to be essential on each and every visit to NOLA.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/13 12:48:51 (permalink)
    Charlies is a great local joint out in Harahan.  You might try Rivershack tavern at lunch time.  The Chef does daily specials M-F that are worth the visit, bar by night great lunch place by day.  Acme has a place in Metarie that is much less crowded, unless you're just going to be in the Quarter.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 08:46:09 (permalink)
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 09:27:57 (permalink)
    My friend Christin is both a foodie and a former N'awlins resident who returns frequently. She casn't access Roadfood at work but asked me to give you her email and she has several pages of suggestions to send you. Get her at Christin L <x1.christin@gmail.com> Have fun. I say check out Jacque Imo's alligator cheesecake and anything at Cochon Butcherie for lunch. My favorite "reasonable" night time dining in the Quarter is Irene's Cuisine. Coop's Place across from the French Market has some great "reasonable" New Orleans dishes. If you have an unlimited budget, by all means hit the classics like Antoine's, Galatoire's, Brennans, etc. My favorite po-boy stop and a great breakfast stop is Johnny's in the Quarter. If you are not staying in the Quarter, check out www.nola.com By all means get a pass to ride the street cars it's fun and can get you most anywhere as it includes the bus. The Fauburg Marigny area is next to the Quarter and has some great venues for music.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 13:27:33 (permalink)
    I've been the recipient of "The Suggestions", and I can tell you, they made our trip to NOLA just that much mo' bettah.  Not just eating suggestions, but also behavioral warnings.  I thought Christin was kidding about people betting they can tell you where you got your shoes, but sure enough, right on the first day, some guy tried to pull that gag.
    shortchef, if you haven't already made your trip, contact Christin (she used to be a frequent poster here under the screen name, X1) and request "The Suggestions".  You'll have a happier New Orleans experience because of them.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 14:06:19 (permalink)
    The original post was made in early December so it would be nice to get a report back of the wonderful things they ate!
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 15:12:05 (permalink)
    This is what I would do:
    Google >  nomenu.com - this site is managed by Tom Fitzmorris, cookbook author, restaurant critic, and for over 17 years has had a radio talk show 3-6 pm Mon-Fri devoted to nothing but food, recipes, restaurant recommendations, etc.  On nomenu, you can find almost every restaurant in NOLA listed either alphabetically or by neighborhood, with his ratings and recommendations.  There's no better place to get the info you need.
    Locally, the radio show is on 1350 AM and you can stream it from the web site.
    For general sightseeing info on where to do go and what to see there's the convention and visitors bureau web  > neworleanscvb.com and there are several forums in the Times Picayune web mentioned above at nola.com. 
    There are 3 visitor centers around town with staff that are very knowledgeable, most are licensed tour guides and very helpful: 
    Visitors Center  -2020 St. Charles Ave  (Mon-Fri only, I believe it's 8:30-5:00pm)  within walking distance of the Garden District, Commander's Palace restaurant and Lafayette Cemetery  
    Basin St. Station - 501 Basin St (open 7 days a week 9-5) and right next to St. Louis I Cemetery - Marie Laveau, Paul Morphy, are a few of the notables buried there.   This is open to the public (Mon-Sat 9-3 and Sun 9:00 -12pm), there are several tour companies providing tours, or you can walk around on your own. 
    St Ann St Visitors Center  - along Jackson Square
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 17:48:59 (permalink)
    There is no bad food in Nawlins!!!! get on a streetcar and ask someone where to get lunch along the way! I have done that several times and LOVED all of it!
      and---Central Market!!!!! Also--Cafe DuMonde is awesome at 4 in the morning!
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 18:01:42 (permalink)
    I'll third the Acme Oyster House. They have great food. I'm extremely fond of their red beans and rice, I think it may be the best in the city. And DO NOT miss their Pecan Cobbler. OMG! Best desert I can remember. I'm also really fond of Remoulade, which is attached to Arnaud's. Their BBQ shrimp is killer! The stuffed crab is pretty good, too. For a nice afternoon treat you can't beat the Creole Creamery for a scoop or two of house made ice cream. Whatever you do....have a great time in my favourite place to visit.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/25 22:14:32 (permalink)
    Mother's shouldn't be missed. I have to recommend one of my favorites Commanders Palace. It has turned out greats such as Paul Prudhomme, Emeril Lagasse, and John Besh. The food is great and if you go for lunch its very reasonably priced. Drago's is another favorite and started the char-broiled oyster craze. You can get bad food there but you'll be fine especially with BelleReve's suggestions. There are some great little Mom and Pop roadfood places outside of Nawlins. I had a po-boy in Laplce that was one of the best ever. 
    The best po-boy in N'awlins in my opinion is at Johnny's Po-Boys 511 St. Louis in the French Quarter. They are awesome and very roadfoody. 
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/30 13:44:50 (permalink)
    Some of my favorites:
    Parkway for Po Boys, Angelo Brocatto for Italian desserts, Galatorie's for finer dining, Cafe Du Monde for beignets, Acme Oyster House, Mandina's.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/30 14:18:49 (permalink)
    Another vote for Acme and Commander's Palace....a bit out of the quarter on Frenchman St. I really like this place. Lots of locals....
    Almost forgot this great place...out of the quarter over on Magazine St. Great oyster loaves!
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/30 16:10:27 (permalink)
    K-Paul's is really good for cajun/creole and Willie Mae's Scotch House has amazing fried chicken, don't miss either.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/01/30 20:38:31 (permalink)
    Oh, man. You could blindfold me and just have me walk into anyplace and I'd have a great meal!
    However, although Cafe Du Monde, Acme Oyster House and, Central Grocery are some of my faves, I certainly wouldn't turn down a meal at any of the places mentioned above.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/02/05 22:57:16 (permalink)
    thanks for all the information guys
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/02/11 23:53:54 (permalink)
    Drago's is a favorite of mine whenever I visit the area. The gumbo and charbroiled oysters are heavenly.
    Dr. L.M.
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    Re:n'awlins! 2013/02/12 00:09:05 (permalink)
    Johhny's Po'boys.  The Seafood Muffaletta is not to be missed.  Catfish, crawfish, oysters, and shrimps all lightly fried on a fresh sesame muffaletta bread with amazing remoulade sauce.  We pulled it apart and ate it piece by piece.   The cops parked on the sidewalk to eat here when we were there.  Go.
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