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Tony Bad
Fire Safety Admin
Re:A sincere question re: policy and practice on this forum 2012/12/13 09:01:58
I could be wrong, but it seemed to me that the thread was excised after one side started feeling cornered by reality - especially by (as I recall) PLB who is an electrical engineer. 

Well, I didn't delete the thread, so I am not sure what the motivation was, but I am guessing it had to do with the statement you underlined above.
Now let me ask you something. You read and re-posted the rules in this very thread, so it would be reasonable to expect you understand them. Do you think your dig above fits within those rules? You can't resist re-visiting something from months ago and repeatedly making a suggestion that I deleted something because I was somehow threatened by your opinions. I told you before this was not the case yet you have thrown this out many times, twice now in this very thread. Are you so obsessed with a need to be right that you can't let this go? 
Since you obviously seem to want to air this grievance publicly, and keep bringing it up, here are the facts as I see them. The rules state no political discussion. It is not my rule. Not any moderators rule. It is the rule of the site owners. You can't, or perhaps I should say won't, abide by this rather simple decree. You constantly interject little barbs in posts that you know full well are political in nature and will engender just the type of reply you seem to be looking for. I know you view us all as your intellectual inferiors, but do you really think we believe you are so very smart on so many topics, yet incapable of following one simple little rule? I am by no means saying I think the responses to your baiting comments have been appropriate, but what I am saying is that you seem to enjoy starting this kind of controversy every now and again. Now I won't pretend to understand the motivation for this kind of willful ignorance...although I have my theories...but find tremendous irony that you feel it appropriate to raise such a fuss about your perceived persecution. 
With all due respect, so as not to violate forum rules, how about you move past this, and give it a rest.  
...and yes, so not to prompt any more conspiracy theories, I locked the thread. It has "run it's course". Any replies can be sent to me via personal message.
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