I'm new here...and a question on powering (electrical means) a Food Truck

Junior Burger
2012/12/11 02:24:38
My name is Rick. Im from New Zealand and I since there wasnt an introduction forum I thought Id just post my greeting and question here.
I have recently become interested on opening a foodtruck in my home city in my country of New Zealand (any Kiwis here at this site?? :))
One thing kinda eludes me...how do people power appliances within their food truck by electrical means? - I want to open a mobile crepes truck/cart but do not want to use petrol generators and thus prefer being able to be more mobile than often ( council regulations can have a power box set up - but I also want the freedom of being able to move and not rely on limited power means at certain events and powerless holiday spots)
I was told by my builder brother in law that two larger batteries can run off eachother but Ive heard contrary also.
I would want to power 4 machines that would run between 1400-1600 watts each
Also, a small fridge to house fresh ingredients and possibly a pie warmer to keep some foods hot/warm
Setting up a coffee machine/cocoa urn would also be ideal
Someone please help or steer me in the right direction to find thses things out would be sooooo appreciated
Re:I'm new here...and a question on powering (electrical means) a Food Truck 2012/12/31 02:36:30
Rick--first let me say crepes are a brilliant idea for a food truck, especially if the customers can see their crepes being made. I have seen some crepe wizards working out of a tent draw a line ten deep while three of us other trucks were nearly idle, something tactile about crepes. Can't define it but it works...
You can't do what you want with batteries. I had much the same idea and spent a lot of money proving myself wrong. You can get shore power or you can use a genset, or both. I can give you more details if you like but, the truth is, get a nice quiet generator, use it when you must, get shore power when you can, wire the truck such that it's easy to switch between them, and off you go. Batteries can not handle the load you are going to ask them to carry.
Re:I'm new here...and a question on powering (electrical means) a Food Truck 2012/12/31 05:44:49
Add up all your watts the will be running then look for a gen set that can handle that many watts and be mounted on the bumper or in a outside opening cabinet,Think RV or caravan as you kiwi's call them.