Frozen Custard Returns to Suburban, Philly

2012/12/11 07:30:49
Kohr's has disappeared from area malls.  An attempt in Paoli fizzled.  The Manayunk Dairy Bar is gone. 
Maybe the opening of Shake Shack is reversing the apparent trend of hard times for custard in the Delaware Valley
Freddy's Steakburger opens its first location in the Northeast today: 2084 Sproul Rd (PA 320) in Broomall, in a former Arby's location.  The Inquirer's Mikey Klein says the new operator and his daughter had gone to Kansas to check out the university and stopped in at a Freddy's.  Klein says he liked it so much that he got other family members to go out to Kansas to try it and his daughter ending up enrolling at KU.  Liked the guy who liked an electric shaver so much he bought the company, he has now opened a location in Broomall.
Freddy's website shows other locations in the East are planned but this appears to be the first to open.
I just got back from the new Freddy's.  Great custard.  Really great hamburger - like a Roadfood burger or an old style diner burger, not a fast-food burger.  Good staff and the owners seem to following the principle of take care of the people who take care of your customers.  I will be back.
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Re:Frozen Custard Returns to Suburban, Philly 2013/11/08 07:19:13
UPDATE:  Shake Shack has opened up in the King of Prussia Mall parking lot.  I don't see what all the fuss has been about - or the long lines.  The custard is thin (too much air or overrun) and not that flavorful.  Still better than what Rita's and a lot of other places pass off as "frozen custard" (really soft-serve).  Burgers good and fresh but pricey.  And this is not fast food.  Don't go if you're in a hurry.  There's a wait (even after you get to the front of the line and place your order).
I neglected to mention Zwahlen's in Audubon.  They don't call it custard but it is.  Very good custard.
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Re:Frozen Custard Returns to Suburban, Philly 2013/11/08 08:03:07
And Burgerfi, which serves frozen custard, is opening across the street from the Reading Terminal in the coming weeks.
By the way, I ate at the Freddy's in Broomall again a couple weeks ago and I really love that place. I'd go so far as to say it's my favorite fast food chain. The thin, Midwestern style burgers with even thinner edges and the Vienna beef hot dogs on toasted New England style buns are both fantastic. I actually thought the frozen custard wasn't as dense as it had been the other times I was there. May have just been a bad batch.
Zwahlen's is by far the best custard I've had in this region and may be up there with any I've had in other regions too.
Re:Frozen Custard Returns to Suburban, Philly 2013/11/17 22:15:04
Freddy's good food!.....but the custard is not great.