Business Plan Information Jazz/Introduction

Junior Burger
2012/12/13 13:39:30
Howdy I'm Steven! For awhile I wanted to run a food cart but somehow I got trapped in the retail world(long story blah blah).. At any-rate I'm finishing up my semester at college and for one of my courses I need to Chop away at a section of a business plan.
Initially I thought it would be a good idea To do one on a Marketing/Online Software company for Restaurants. Which brought me here and I started poking around. Then I read some thread started by people who had similar ideas which made me rethink this given that:
  • No one really seemed interested in what they had to offer
  • They all seem really spamish
  • What the hell do I know about what might help your business
If I'm completely wrong let me know.. I know I'm right on the last one.
Which brings me to the meat of this thread! I live in a heavy tourist area where there is absolutely no competition for food carts by food carts (competition is from other restaurants and town concession stands). Now this could be due to local regulations (Which I have looked for and could not find) or just that no one is interested in doing so. I was hoping I could get pointed in the right direction to find out
  • Who in the town I should talk to about regulations?
  • Prices from Wholesalers for Drinks, Chips, Hamburgers etc (Unless this is a trade secret) 
  • LLC or INC? 
  • What insurance do you have? 
  • Anything else you would care to share
Thank you very much! Hopefully this is in the right area, I saw the Hot dog stand one but also some topics in here pertaining to food carts