Stained Glass Candy Co.

Filet Mignon
2004/03/10 18:10:33
Watched a program last week that featured hand-crafted candy from The Stained Glass Candy Company. The deal on this place is that the candymaker started making intense-flavored hard candies so that her husband, who has "weak tastebuds" (some kind of illness), could taste them.

She features "regular" flavors, but the focus was on her "hot" flavors. I ordered the "Firecracker Cherry" and "Hot Cinnamon". They are wonderful, but they ARE hot!

Anyway, just wanted to give a "thumbs up" to this candy and company.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Stained Glass Candy Co. 2004/03/10 21:16:18
Thanks Bushie. I love a good hard candy. I used to get a bag of chunks of hard candy from the McCutcheons store in Frederick MD that were real good, haven't been able to find a replacement, will have to try this place I love anise & mints