Holiday Birthday

Uncle Groucho
2012/12/19 20:55:02
Hello all, my name is Karl and my birthday is on Christmas. A lot of people think that I get gyped on getting gifts and I always tell them that I got a choice of 2 small gifts or 1 big gift, I always chose the 1 big gift. When I was younger I always had a summer birthday party so my friends could attend.
Do any of you have a Holiday birthday that you care to share.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/19 22:26:10
Not me, Karl, but My Step-Father (R I P)-1908-1993,  My sister (1938), and my Brother (1953) Were all born on December 25th. Christmas was an unusual Birthday Cake Day for them, especially in the later years before Step-Father passed away.
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/19 22:56:31
Happy Birthday Karl!

My oldest son was born on it only rolls around every six or seven years on the mark.

This year was the mark.
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 01:00:35
Last year a good friend of mine turned 36. His birthday is December 26. I made him his first EVER birthday cake. " /> I really don't get that.
My niece was born December 21, and we always made a point of celebrating her birthday on a completely different day than the family Christmas, with separate everything. No Christmas wrapping paper, no combination gifts, none of that. 
My birthday falls on Easter periodically. When I was a kid, I thought the Easter Bunny was a special thing for my birthday, but he got confused on the day sometimes.
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 01:48:19
Martin Luther King day is my birthday but they keep celebrating it on a Monday.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 09:47:12
I have a good friend whose birthday is December 31. Even at age 38, she still thinks the fireworks at midnight are for her. :-)
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 18:01:37
I've never had to work on my birthday.  
It's on New Year's Day.  :-)
Uncle Groucho
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/20 18:11:00
Hello everyone thanks for responding.
Gee Al, I thought I was the only Christmas baby. My daughters B-Day is on the 28th, I told my Wife not to cough or sneeze until after my B-Day because I didnt want to share MY day.
I have seen fireworks on Christmas ever since I met my wife.
I read a post where someone said they didnt feel welcome on these forums, Mar52 responded with "you should post more and you will get that welcome feeling" She was right.
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/21 13:41:05
This past Tuesday's episode of Happy Endings dealt with this very subject.
Filet Mignon
Re:Holiday Birthday 2012/12/21 16:47:48
I was born on July 3, so a fireworks show (that I put on) has been a part of my birthday celebration for many years.