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2012/12/22 16:37:47
They recently opened a Phils right down the street from my house.  Phils is technically not "real" BBQ, more like grilled meats slathered in sauce.  Its tasty as hell though.  Everything I have had from there has been awesome.  I even eat their cole slaw and I eat cole slaw from nowhere else......its that good.  Here is a picture of my meal today.  Its a Broham Sandwich- Pulled pork- (slaw on the side instead of on top) and a large order of fries.  Its an insane amount of food and their fries are fresh cut and absolutely delicious.  Their El Toro sandwich (thinly sliced tri tip) has received praise/awards on Man Vs Food etc.  Dont have a picture of that one handy but it too is delicious.  Anyone else been?  Thoughts?

We had our company holiday party yesterday and my boss ordered us some Famous Daves from up in Vista (North County San Diego).  It sure was good.  I've never had Famous Daves before but it was mighty fine for a chain BBQ place.  I must have ate about 8 pork spareribs, 2 brisket sandwiches and 3 scoops of beans.  The ribs were smoked well, tender yet gave some pull off the bone.  The brisket was moist and delicious and the beans had huge chunks of meat in them.  I was very impressed and will actually take a drive up there one of these days to eat it in the restaurant.  Their sauce isn't my favorite and thats the only knock on them.  The meats themselves were legit and were very very good.  The picture came out a tad blurry....sorry ;-)

Re:BBQ San Diego Area 2012/12/22 18:29:34
Outstanding.  Good to hear about new places and that place looks tasty.
mr chips
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Re:BBQ San Diego Area 2012/12/22 18:33:23
Great photos. It is a pleasure to have u on site. I ate pretty good barbecue barbecue at a place on Newport Avenue in Ocean Beach called the Bar B Q Place which was in a former movie theater and was once reviewed on either the website or the Sterns's books.
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Re:BBQ San Diego Area 2012/12/22 19:50:37
That Famous Daves is about 3 minutes from us and altho its good Phils puts it to shame!