Big Boy restaurant chain

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Re:Big Boy restaurant chain 2013/07/25 09:20:27 (permalink)
I always thought that "Big Boy" was a licensing business, allowing use of the likeness, the double-deck Big Boy Burger, and, of course, that gelatinous strawbetty pie.

Yeah, in my family growing up vacation mostly consisted of getting in the car and driving across the country.  We ate at Big Boy a lot.  I was always amazed how a trip from DE to CA involved going through belts of (at least) Bob's, Frisch's, Elias, Kip's, JB's, and then back to Bob's.

That "form" of business pre-dated franchising.  I also recall it being used for Kentucky Fried Chicken (before "KFC") and the Ollieburger

Yeah, when I was growing up in Delaware, we didn't have Kentucky Fried Chicken stores at all.  The franchising rights for Kentucky Fried Chicken for Delaware and Maryland were owned by Gino's, so you could order a roast beef sandwich alongside your chicken.  And I remember occasionally running into other stores like small independent cafes that had purchased rights to Kentucky Fried Chicken as well.
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Re:Big Boy restaurant chain 2013/07/26 08:12:50 (permalink)
Licensing - as opposed to franchising - led to a wide variety of establishments.  When I was a teen, The Garder Gate (Rt. 422 between Butler and New Castle, PA) was a licensee of Kentucyy Fried Chicken and offered a full buffet on which KFC was an entree offering.  What a treat that was!!!  All the legs dripping with honey I cared to eat, real mashed potatos, the Colonel's original gravy, green bean casserole, sweet slaw, and artisan pies for dessert ... WOW!  (Oh, and back then they used full-sized cluck with no "mystery-piece" cuts). 
There was also a small chain of full-service, sit-down, tableclothed restaurants called (I believe) Morton's (no relation to the steakhouses or frozen food) that was a KFC license-holder.  They had a place on the NW corner of Rts. 224 and 7 in Boardman, OH that was both a destination and landmark for years.  BTW: about 1/4 mile west on 224 was the very first Arby's.
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