new hot dog cart in jax., fl.

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2013/01/08 21:48:49
Hello, Im new to the hot dog cart business in jacksonville, florida and looking for a place to set up on the weekends only.  Still working full time job.  I paid alot for commissary.  How can I get one under $100 or less.  Is beef the prefer dog and is it best the boil, steam or grill?  Any input would be helpful.
Teresa aka Wheelin Weiners
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Re:new hot dog cart in jax., fl. 2013/01/09 11:02:00
First off Congrats on you're new found business once you get good and started your business will probably take off! Beef hot dogs are the most preferred that i have heard of. Hot dogs are my boyfriends favorite food to eat and he won't eat one if its not beef. Either steaming them or grilling them is how I think they taste better, but remember when getting into the grilling part you have some people that like them hardly done, and then some that want them completely burnt. So in my thinking that way would be the hardest to please your customers with! Just my opinion thought I would give it! Again congrats on the new business hope it does good for you!
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Re:new hot dog cart in jax., fl. 2013/01/09 21:01:47
Good luck. I am from Chicago originally but lived down there for 12 years. Most of the successful carts that were in Jax served dirty water dogs (pork and beef) with mustard and (ketchup...ugh) and sliced jalapenos on the side.I think in The South they don't like a spicy/garlicky all beef dog. I would keep it neutral and experiment with a decent all beef and maybe a pork and beef. Most of the locals probably won't know or appreciate the difference.
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Re:new hot dog cart in jax., fl. 2013/11/11 00:08:46
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Re:new hot dog cart in jax., fl. 2014/03/27 21:29:47
Hello everyone,
I reside close to Jacksonville and am making my plan for the hotdog cart business.  This is a followup to you catwoman.  What is the first step I need to take for Jacksonville?  I have read that some cities have all the permits sold and there is a waiting list.  Is this true for Jville?  In response to you catwoman, did you ever get anything started up?  I can't imagine boiled hotdogs doing that well (although they would be easy to sell).  I would think quality tasting fried would be better.