Curb Hopper
2013/01/10 00:04:59
I'm hoping you all can assist me with some insight on the topic. Things like how would you advise finding a commissary? What should I expect to pay? Questions I should ask the establishment? Things to look out for. Etc, etc.

Any input is helpful and appreciated. I will not be cooking there, only looking to satisfy the HD, use for waste water and storage.

Thank you!
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Re:Commissary 2013/01/10 10:56:01
Where will you be cooking? Do you have a cart, truck?
Curb Hopper
Re:Commissary 2013/01/10 23:55:14
Does anyone have any advice? Food truck regulations have just been passed here in portland maine and there is only one on the road to date so the resources are partially non existent. Should I just go grab a hot dog and ask one of those guys?

We are building out a 77 kurbmaster.

Re:Commissary 2013/01/11 16:10:25
Any place can act like a commissary as long as there approved by the HD. Do u have any restaurant buddys? Ask one of them if u can use there water/ their place to store items. Thats what I am doing in pennsylvania for my HD. I have to have signed documents granting me permission. Im using the restaurant I work at for water and storage and a state park to dump my water. P.s. I live in the middle of no where. There is no commissary anywhere for 2 hours.
Curb Hopper
Re:Commissary 2013/01/11 18:12:18
BTM, thank you for taking time to respond. I'm prepared to go from dior to door to solicit a site for my commissary. I've been in restaurants for a long time now but I'm new to portland so my network is still small. I am all about satisfying the HD, even if I have to drive two hours a day like BTM!

What should I ask/expect to pay per month?

It would be great to hear from others about this as well. I know a few of you guys have been at the mobile food biz for quite some time so please share some insight.

Have a great weekend all!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Commissary 2013/01/11 23:03:07
Have you asked your HD?
Junior Burger
Re:Commissary 2013/01/12 03:26:26
I have been seriously considering opening a food truck but I need some help. What kind of profit margin can I expect?   10% 20% 50% ?  The city I'm in doesn't have many street vendors but there is a market. I'm having trouble getting an Idea of the cost of operations. Can anyone point me in the direction of any resources or give me some advise. Any info would help. Thanks!  
Curb Hopper
Re:Commissary 2013/01/12 08:20:57
The HD has no clue what the going rate for my commissary might look like, they don't have anything to do with that.

I don't understand how someone can ask about purchasing vinegar and get a strong response but next to nothing about a pretty legit question. I have a hole in my business plan that google cannot answer.

Does $500 a month sound right to secure a commissary? What is the going rate in your area?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Commissary 2013/01/12 08:54:51
There is no nation-wide "going rate". Some get one for free or barter, some pay a couple hundred. You don't say what kind of rig you have. Waste water can go any number of places. You mention storage. Storage of what?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Commissary 2013/01/12 11:25:29
Anywhere from a $1.00-1000.00.........
My response was to ask the hd for any location suggestions, not what the going rate would be.
So if all you are doing is trying to fill in blanks in a business plan, insert $500 into the blank.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Commissary 2013/01/12 16:28:39
"We are building out a 77 kurbmaster."
Should we know what this is?
If you want specific answers, ask specific questions.
Go to your states HD page and look up inspections.You should see a list of all joints that are inspected, and how they did. Take your pick.