Manufacturer or DIY

Junior Burger
2013/01/13 00:18:50
I'm looking for a mobile kitchen for my catering business. A trailer with concession windows that I can do festivals or whatever out of. So I've done my homework, shopped around n got quotes, I'm so over this decision of weather to buy new, buy new and get beat , buy used and have to fix/ customize someone else's vision to fit my own, or buy a shell and build it myself with my own vision, a couple of skilled friends, and payments in beer and mucho favors. I have my kitchen laid out to my specs in my garage and have been talking to a few companies about a new build. I know what I want and have a good idea on what I'm looking for but it seems all my questions seem to bug the builder. Any idea what I should do?
Buck & Vi's
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Manufacturer or DIY 2013/01/13 08:04:21
if you were giving an estimate on a catering job and the client was asking alot of questions about different foods on the menu, salads, settings, cost, etc. etc. would you let them "see your getting bugged" I think it's ok to get bugged by questions but never never let the customer see that.. your a customer asking them questions on YOUR investment ...find another builder that wants the $$