Thermapen Thermometer storage case tip

2013/01/13 15:00:55
Here's a tip for your Thermapen Thermometer. 
After I bought one, I realized I didn't have a case for it. I didn't want it knocking around by itself in the kitchen gadget drawer.
Then I noticed one of my spare eyeglass cases looked about the right size. It worked! So, if you don't have a Thermapen Thermometer case, try a spare eyeglass case. It should fit perfectly.
Junior Burger
Re:Thermapen Thermometer storage case tip 2013/02/09 16:02:57
Thanks for the tip.  Now if I can just find that darn glasses case...
Re:Thermapen Thermometer storage case tip 2013/02/09 17:03:10
Make sure you wipe that Thermapen probe before closing it.  I see too many professional chefs not doing it while making a point of washing their hands after handling raw chicken.