Do-Nut Dinette closed indefinitely

Junior Burger
2013/01/13 20:04:28
I was just online making final preparations for a trip to the Norfolk area next weekend when I came across this: 
Original Do-Nut Dinette in Ghent closed indefinitely
The Virginian-Pilot
© January 12, 2013
If you were planning a visit to the Original Do-Nut Dinette in Ghent, prepare to be disappointed. A large, handwritten sign on the door says it's closed indefinitely.
Neighbors of the Colley Avenue landmark were surprised Friday night at the announcement and didn't know what had led to the closure.
Ashley Saunders said that there had been several closures over the holidays for various reasons. Last week, she said, the sign indicated there were plumbing problems. She said that when she spotted the sign tonight, she dreaded telling her co-workers at Mind, Body & Spirit on Colley Ave. about it.
"All our employees love it," she said. "We even have the number written down so we can call in orders."
The Do-Nut Dinette had been open for 53 years when Sheila Schneider Hess sold it to Edward Franklin in 2005. It closed for a few months so Franklin could replace the diner's floors and counter stools, upgrade some kitchen equipment and install outdoor seating, according to a Pilot story. He also changed the name to the Original Do-Nut Dinette.
Attempts to reach the restaurant Friday were unsuccessful.
Too bad; trying their doughnuts was a major factor in my choosing that area over some others I was considering.  Oh well....
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Re:Do-Nut Dinette closed indefinitely 2013/01/13 20:08:06
But they can't close.....  I haven't been there yet!
Sorry to hear this bad news.  Thanks for letting us know.