Starting the build for my concession trailer. Ahhh, The joys of learning

Junior Burger
2013/01/16 00:52:04
Hi everyone. I have been reading this forum for quite some time and figured I would share what I am up to. I have been catering events for the last 15 years, along with a full time job. I have wanted to open a restaurant for quite some time, but I want to start with a concession trailer as a way for me to get my name and product out there besides the catering world, and  before I build my brick and mortar.
I am starting the build on my concession trailer. First of all, this trailer is definitely one of a kind, (I cannot do things like everyone else is any area of my life), but this of course, leads to having to find custom fabricators. For example, even the standard stuff, such as 3 compartment sink with 2 drainboards, (required by metro Nashville HD), has to be a custom size for this build, so more cost. We are also having to fabricate items that cannot really be purchased anywhere.
It is definitely an eye opener, but once I am able to show the completed build, everyone will totally understand why. When this baby pulls up with other food trucks and trailers, it is going to definitely stand out. I could have went the traditional route and bought a step van, or prebuilt concession trailer, but curb appeal, a niche, or any way to set yourself apart can give you that edge. My food has always been a hit and has made me quite a bit of money,  but looks and style can only help in a world that is all about appearance and flash. Add substance and you can have a winner.
I am learning a lot from you all. Thanks for the knowledge. I have already avoided a few possible boo-boos from reading this forum. I will post build pics when we get closer to go time. Cannot wait for you all to see it.
Re:Starting the build for my concession trailer. Ahhh, The joys of learning 2013/01/16 08:58:02
I looked at a couple trucks when in nashville last summer and they didn't have special sinks. We can get away with a 3 compartment sink and a metrorack shelf mounted above as a drainboard. I litterally saw 1 truck that the drain system for the sink had fallen off and was laying on the floor, pretty trashy looking truck and he was downtown serving..
Re:Starting the build for my concession trailer. Ahhh, The joys of learning 2013/01/17 03:29:23
Why the custom sink?you can get them i just about any size.
Also have you ran the trailer plans pass the HD?If not I would first thing.they can tell you what you have to have and were you have to put it to get approved.otherwise you may have to gut it after the build to set it up the way they want it.Some places are really picky to the point they tell you what color the floors and walls have to be!REALLY!