Vinyl Removal on Pushcart

Junior Burger
2013/01/17 06:32:05
I have a pushcart that has the previous owner's logo on it. I was wondering how would I go about removing the logo myself? What item would I need to purchase from the store?
Lost Nation
Re:Vinyl Removal on Pushcart 2013/01/17 06:49:42
A heat gun (industrial hair dryer), it should peal right off then something to remove the residual adhesive (goof-off).
Junior Burger
Re:Vinyl Removal on Pushcart 2013/01/17 09:38:49
Ill try that,thanks!
Junior Burger
Re:Vinyl Removal on Pushcart 2013/01/17 12:38:20
  Depending on the stickers size you may try a hair dryer if it's small or a heat gun if it's large. Be careful not to over heat or burn it . If there's residual glue left, there are several solvents you can use to remove it, lighter fluid, acetone gas, lacquer thinner almost any petroleum based product will disolve the adhesive. If the sticker has been on for an extended period of time it will have discolored the stainless steel, Home Depot sells a cleaner polish that when applied with a scotchbrite pad  will clean and repolish the whole panel and make it look like new