Mobile Charging Stations Again

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2013/01/23 13:42:13
The last thread addressed the expectation of charging stations for mobile and portable devices. Wifi accessibility has become an expectation as well. I've only seen businesses make mass charging or at least power strips on extention cords  available during the aftermath of a hurricane here. I haven't been in a St*rbucks or McD's for a while since their last remodeling or any of these newer upper tier, gourmet QSR's that are emphasising quality ingredients and an upscale customer experience.
However, as these expectations and trends continue, they will be expectations in major restaruants and venues that rely on waitstaff and to some degree already are. This leaves a question of the waitstaff's compensation. The longer a patron lingers, the longer the table is idly occupied depriving another party from occupying the table. The impact on tips I would imagine to be considerable over the period of a day if the table can't be turned over.
While this isn't an issue in a self serve enviornment, moving into full service restaurants is obviously going to be a problem balancing new expectations vs rotation of resources and waitstaff's compensation.
Filet Mignon
Re:Mobile Charging Stations Again 2013/01/23 14:48:24
The only time I have sat at a table for several hours was at Panera, my home internet service was out of action. I did buy and eat my lunch there and then when I left, I bought a loaf of bread. I would never charge up in a regular restaurant.
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Mobile Charging Stations Again 2013/01/23 15:56:53
As a hungry customer waiting for a table to open up in a busy restaurant, I would get a bit miffed if I watched a person linger over their electronics and a long cup of coffee during a busy time.  Thats a real different situation than a Barnes and Noble coffee stop-reading room. I think 'full-service' restaurants should shun the electronic support. 
  Since FF stands are  by nature, quick turn-over spaces I don't understand why they invest in 'internal' wifi' anyway. Let the folks in the parking lot tune in using the parking area and their vehicle for a base of operations. Keep the line moving and the people eating and leaving to make space for the next guy.
Re:Mobile Charging Stations Again 2013/01/23 16:42:40
Hmmm, being in an area with a lot of tourists, WiFi at FF places, 
McDonald's and Jack in the Box to name two, seem to be a big draw among traveling folks looking for a way to check in on their online lives, and they advertise the fact that they are wired.